Miraculous Medicine From Turkish Doctor: Destroyed Cancerous Tissue With The Liquid It Developed

prof. Dr. Rahmi Öklü developed a brand new drug for most cancers. This drug, which is injected straight into the tumor space, ensures the destruction of cancerous cells and inhibits their copy. The drug, which additionally attracted the eye of Harvard, appears to be a weapon in opposition to most cancers.

Turkish scientist who continues his research at Mayo Clinic within the USA prof. Dr. Rahmi Öklühas developed a brand new drug that may remedy most cancers, one of many ailments of our age. straightforward to make use of And the drug, which surpasses conventional strategies when it comes to impact, stays in that space for some time after it destroys the tumor space. Thus, the regeneration of tumor cells is prevented.

The scientist, who made statements in regards to the drug he developed, for the administration of the drug says all that’s wanted is a syringe and an ultrasound machine. Expressing that the drug he developed saved him from all of the negative effects attributable to chemotherapy, Rahmi Öklü stated that top doses of medicine are utilized in conventional remedies, however “ionic liquidHe says that there isn’t any want for a excessive dose on this drug, which is named “. The drug developed by the Turkish scientist has attracted the eye of the medical world.

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The drug developed by Rahmi Öklü, after coming to the tumor space, not less than 28 days settle. The drug, which not solely destroys the tumor space within the course of, to breed additionally prevents. This prevents the most cancers from recurring. The scientist made the next statements in regards to the drug he developed:

You may inject this below ultrasound. No fancy, costly gear, setup, supplies. You simply want an ultrasound and a needle. One other impact is that top ranges of T cells, that are essential cells of the immune system, come to the therapy areas. That is essential. This additionally gives a wonderful time to do immunotherapy. Right this moment, we can improve the inadequate efficacy of immunotherapy for strong tumors with this methodology.

prof. Dr. Most cancers drug developed by Rahmi Öklü, February 10It was introduced on the quilt of the medical journal “Science Translational Medicine” revealed in . additionally Harvard College was additionally affected by this drug. The authorities, who made an replace on the college’s web site, stated Öklü’s medication “Important progress within the struggle in opposition to most cancers‘ was launched.

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