Miracle in the desert: Sea of ​​Najaf

In the Najaf Sea, positioned in the center of the desert in Iraq, the water degree rose after the latest rains after an extended drought interval.

There are numerous hen and fish species in the Najaf Sea, which is 336 kilometers lengthy.

Whereas some elements of the Najaf Sea resemble swamps, forested areas with date bushes on the roads resulting in the sea on the coast of the metropolis of Najaf draw consideration.


The central authorities and native governments have uncared for the Najaf Sea. The seaside, the rubbish thrown out reveals the neglect.

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Greater than 30 plant species which are immune to the desert local weather develop in the Najaf Sea.


Whereas a lot of salt is extracted from the Najaf Sea throughout the drought interval, it’s identified that the water flowing from the faucets in the homes in Najaf is salty.

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It’s estimated that the Najaf Sea will grow to be one of the necessary tourism facilities as the water degree doesn’t lower and the safety scenario in the nation stabilizes.

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LOCAL PEOPLE ARE Apprehensive About Drought

Fisherman from Najaf, Ali Muheysin, acknowledged that he’s frightened about the drought that may happen in the sea. “I’ve been fishing right here for years. Our solely supply of revenue is fishing. We come right here on daily basis and do the similar job. We hope that the water degree in the sea will rise much more in order to extend the selection of fish. We’re frightened that the sea will face drought once more.” stated.

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Zuhayr Hasnavi additionally “I am from the Kufa area of Najaf. I come to the Najaf Sea in the evenings and spend time fishing. The Sea of ​​Najaf is an environmental miracle positioned in the center of the desert. That is additionally a tourism area. There are various sorts of fish and there are as many fishermen right here. The highway alongside the sea. “There’s neglect in direction of this sea, which has a tourism capability. This place is disadvantaged of the most simple public service. There’s additionally a fantastic neglect of the metropolis of Najaf, which is a spiritual tourism middle.” used the phrases.

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