Mink at the zoo in the USA became coronavirus

Coronavirus was detected in minks at the Georgia Aquarium, which is open to the public in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Asian small-clawed minks confirmed respiratory signs comparable to sneezing, runny nostril, gentle lethargy and coughing, aquarium officers stated.

The variety of optimistic minks was not specified.

It was said that animal well being specialists and care authorities have an interest in mink, whereas the risk of animals getting the virus from workers is emphasised.


It was emphasised that the guests and the animals don’t come into contact with them in any method.

Tonya Clauss, Vice President of Animal and Environmental Well being at the Georgia Aquarium, underlined that the signs are gentle and their situation is carefully monitored. “We count on all of the minks to completely get well.” used the expressions.

Mink at the zoo in the USA became coronavirus #1

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