Microplastics were found in 12 fish species in the Marmara and 7 in the Black Sea.


Lately, the use of plastic in the world has elevated significantly. Nonetheless, this example threatens life in addition to harming nature.

Microplastics are known as plastic particles smaller than 5 mm, and marine life in specific will be severely affected by these particles.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan College (RTEU) College of Fisheries, Marine Sciences Division Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Ülgen Aytan acknowledged that plastics are one in every of the greatest environmental components threatening the oceans and seas in current years.


Aytan identified that sea creatures devour plastics, mistaking them for meals, and that this example poses an excellent menace to residing issues. “Sea creatures devour microscopic plastics, mistaking them for meals. These pollution progress by means of the meals chain and attain our desk with contaminated (contaminated) seafood.”(*12*) used the expressions.


Noting that as RTEU Micro-plastics Analysis Group, they’ve been researching air pollution and its results in the Black Sea and Turkish seas since 2013, Aytan stated, “In our research, we investigated the consumption of microplastics in 12 fish species in the Marmara Sea and 7 fish species in the Black Sea, and we detected this as in different components of the world. (*12*)

The quantity of microplastics is rising daily in our seas. As a result of the quantity of plastic produced is rising worldwide. The quantity getting into the seas is rising daily. Once we take into account its everlasting construction in the seas, related chemical substances and poisonous chemical substances, the presence of microplastics poses an excellent threat for each marine life and human well being.”(*12*) used the expressions.

Microplastics were found in 12 fish species in the Marmara and 7 in the Black Sea #2

Mentioning that they decided that the quantity of plastic is excessive in the TÜBİTAK initiatives they carried out in Kızılırmak in the Black Sea and Değirmendere in Trabzon, Aytan used the following statements:

“Once more, the micro-plastic focus in the Marmara Sea is kind of excessive each in the water and in the sediment. Though the Aegean Sea in normal is healthier than the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, particularly the Izmir Bay is a degree the place we encounter a excessive quantity of micro-plastic air pollution. (*12*)

We examined fish in each Marmara and Black Sea and detected microplastic consumption in all pelagic and benthic (floor and backside) species that we examined.(*12*)


Microplastics may cause severe injury to people in addition to threatening nature. Even when we aren’t conscious of it, these constructions enter our our bodies in varied methods.

Many research reveal that microplastics will be ingested by many marine and land creatures. Research up to now present that greater than 2,000 sea creatures are instantly affected by microplastic particles.

As well as, the consumption of sea creatures by people causes micro-plastics to enter the human physique not directly.


Researchers affiliated with the British Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Analysis Group (CSIRO) in Australia found that plastic air pollution in the ocean depths is approaching 14 million tons and It estimates that even when the present pattern is restricted, the quantity of plastic waste on land and sea in the world will attain 710 million tons in 2040.

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