Melting of the Glacial Cover Releases Tons of Methane Gas

Scientists have found that the glacial melting releases tons of methane gas trapped in ice sheets.

An international research team from the University of Bristol, England, measured with special sensors off the coast of Greenland, that the ice cover melting in the summer months on the ice continent releases a large amount of methane gas. found that 6 tons of methane gas mixed into the sea with the flowing water.
Noting that methane gas is the most important gas that creates greenhouse effect in the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, the researchers warned that although it is less in density than carbon dioxide, the release of methane gas, which özgü the potential to cause 20 to 28 times more greenhouse effect, by oxidation will have an effect of increasing the atmosphere temperature.

Methane arises when micro-organisms transform organic material in the absence of oxygen. Research into the possible effects of methane on global warming özgü so far focused more on the possible release of methane content trapped in sub-polar frozen soils. However, the new study revealed that a large amount of methane gas was formed in the oxygen-free environment between the ice sheets.

The results of the research were published in the journal “Nature”.

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