Medical treatment should be prioritized in chocolate cyst disease

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Şadıman Kıykaç Altınbaş mentioned that chocolate cyst is a persistent disease that should be prevented from repeated surgical interventions.

It’s important that endometriosis, which impacts many ladies of childbearing age, should be adopted intently for all times with a personalised treatment plan and common controls. Endometriosis is a disease that happens when the endometrium, that’s, the intrauterine wall layer, which thickens each month and sheds with bleeding if being pregnant doesn’t happen, settles in the extra-uterine areas. 10-17 p.c of girls of reproductive age and 35-60 p.c of girls with persistent pelvic ache are affected by the disease. Güven Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Şadıman Kıykaç Altınbaş, in public ‘chocolate cyst’ He mentioned that endometriosis, referred to as endometriosis, is a persistent disease that should be prevented by prioritizing medical treatment and repeated surgical interventions.

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Altınbaş, if folks in the danger group are involved with the causes and signs of the disease, “{People} with a first-degree relative with endometriosis, these with a structural abnormality in the uterus, those that gave start after the age of 30 or by no means gave start are in the danger group for the disease. As well as, those that had their first menstrual interval at an early age or entered menopause at a late age, whose menstrual cycle is 27 days or extra {People} with shorter intervals and heavy menstrual bleeding may additionally be extra susceptible to the disease. Additionally, those that are very skinny and ladies of Caucasian and Asian descent are extra vulnerable to growing the disease. The precise reason behind endometriosis is unknown. Essentially the most broadly accepted principle is It’s the growth of irritation in the tissues and the formation of adhesions and irritation on the finish of the method on account of the blood move flowing backwards by the tubes into the stomach, the physique’s protecting mechanisms failing to scrub this blood. Endometriosis is a disease that happens with complaints similar to ache, issue in getting pregnant, ovarian cysts and swelling in the stomach. he mentioned.

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Altınbaş additionally talked concerning the strategies used in the treatment of endometriosis. “Treatment of endometriosis could fluctuate in response to the extent of the disease, its stage, findings and whether or not being pregnant is taken into account. Medicine, surgical procedure or the usage of each strategies could be in query. If being pregnant is desired, the treatment is deliberate by evaluating the age and ovarian capability. “The query of how lengthy it is going to be administered is formed between the affected person and the doctor, in response to the affected person’s situation. In case of persistent ache that limits features and doesn’t reply to drug remedy, surgical treatment is utilized in circumstances the place the prognosis of endometriosis tissue is deemed essential, and intestinal or urinary tract obstruction is current.” used the phrases.

Altınbaş additionally said that the primary operation is essential in endometriosis surgical procedure. “As a result of endometriosis is a persistent disease with adhesions in the organs. Each try is tough and the earlier surgical process may additionally trigger adhesions. Endometriosis surgical procedure should be carried out by minimally invasive surgical procedure and endometriosis surgical procedure by skilled gynecologists in related facilities.” mentioned.

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