Measures to be taken in the office against muscle diseases

Medicana Ataşehir Hospital Bodily Remedy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Nurten Korkmaz said that the research have decided the danger elements for musculoskeletal issues that can be brought on by working in a pc atmosphere. Whereas low again ache was extra distinguished in those that labored with heavy bodily exercise in the previous years, Dr. Nurten Korkmaz stated, “In accordance to a compilation of epidemiological research, the prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal issues in the shoulders and arms is between 30-47 % in the world, whereas the frequency of neck ache is between 19-48 % in the working inhabitants.


Dr. Nurten Korkmaz as biomechanical elements; He said that elements reminiscent of repetitive actions, forcing, improper and glued postures, vibration, chilly, inadequate lighting have been examined in this group. He said that the variety of actions per minute in a joint is repetitive actions, a big improve in repetitive actions has been noticed in the workplaces in current years, and roughly 62 % of the workers have made repetitive arm actions. Korkmaz emphasised that if the time cycle is lower than 30 seconds and the identical kind of actions are carried out greater than 50 % of the working time, that is thought-about extreme.

Emphasizing that job dissatisfaction, lack of management over work and heavy workload trigger a rise in ache in the neck, shoulders and arms of the particular person, Dr. Nurten Korkmaz, “Step one in the battle against work-related musculoskeletal diseases is prevention. There are three fundamental methods of safety. First, to make ergonomic changes in the office, secondly to change inappropriate working positions, and eventually to train even at work.” he stated.

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Dr. Whereas Nurten Korkmaz’s workspace is being organized; chair, desk, monitor, keyboard and mouse; He said that every one of them ought to be taken into consideration individually, including: “The chair ought to be in a position to transfer comfortably in all instructions, its top ought to be adjustable, it ought to assist waist tilt, again assist and seat angle ought to be adjustable. The arm helps should be in a place to assist the shoulder and arms. In the sitting place, the head ought to be stored balanced over the shoulders. Right here it’s crucial to keep away from tilting the head ahead. The torso place ought to be upright, the ears, shoulders and hips ought to be in the identical line on the vertical axis. It is crucial that the interior angle of the elbow will not be stored under 100 levels, that the wrists are in a straight place, that the upward motion of the wrist doesn’t exceed 20 levels. So as to shield the waist, the waist slope ought to be supported and the angle shaped between the physique and the thigh after we sit ought to be round 130 levels. There ought to be an space beneath the desk the place the worker can stretch their toes and simply change their physique motion. Toes ought to be positioned flat on the ground or on the footrest.”

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Stating that the monitor and keyboard ought to be positioned immediately in entrance of the person and in the midline, their distance ought to be at an arm’s size from the physique. Nurten Korkmaz, “The highest of the monitor ought to be positioned at eye degree or 15 levels down, the display ought to be clear however not slanted. The keyboard ought to be 5 cm under the elbows, whereas utilizing the keyboard, the wrists ought to be stored in a straight place and there ought to be no right-left angulation. The mouse ought to be stored at the identical degree with the keyboard and the physique, the complete arm ought to be used, not simply the wrist, whereas the mouse is moved, and it ought to be touched flippantly with the fingers, not pressed. A doc provider that may be mounted on the monitor can be used.” stated.

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Drawing consideration to the significance of relaxation breaks whereas working, Dr. Nurten Korkmaz emphasised that the relaxation interval ought to be up to 10 % of the complete work and it has been confirmed that this era doesn’t cut back productiveness. He underlined that typing on the keyboard mustn’t be longer than 40 minutes with out relaxation, and that it could be acceptable to take 5-minute breaks in 40-minute research.

Dr. Nurten Korkmaz listed the issues to be carried out in the office as follows: “Flex your wrists and forearms. Do a shrug. Take the bow place by bringing your fingers collectively behind the head, stretching backwards with out getting up from the chair. Keep in this place for 10 seconds. Relaxation for 10 seconds and repeat at common intervals. Flex your neck.”

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