Mars helicopter Ingenuity makes its 9th flight

NASA Launched on 30 July 2020 by perseverance The car landed on Mars on February 18, 2021, after a 7-month journey.

The car is positioned on Ingenuity He had additionally positioned the mini helicopter referred to as the mini helicopter on the floor in latest months.

NASA, which made the helicopter’s first flight in April, has lifted the plane from the bottom many instances since then.


The ninth flight of the helicopter occurred on Monday, July 5, in line with a NASA assertion. In response to the submit shared from the Nasa JPL account, new capabilities that would pave the way in which for extra helicopters in flight have been examined.

Ingenuity throughout the flight in query 166.4 remained within the air for seconds and in seconds 5 meters made the flight rapidly.

Earlier than the flight, NASA had introduced that the helicopter would journey by means of unsafe rocky areas for Perseverance, one other car on the purple planet, to search out shortcuts for the car.

The information captured by Ingenuity is distributed first to the satellites surrounding Mars after which to Earth. That is why all the main points and photographs concerning the flight are usually not shared by NASA.


The helicopter named Ingenuity made historical past as the primary helicopter to take off from a planet apart from Earth.

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On subsequent flights, the helicopter will picture the Martian floor from the air and map the realm for future manned Mars explorations.

On this manner, Ingenuity will take aerial pictures of areas that the Perseverance car on the floor can’t attain.

NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity takes off (FIRST FLIGHT) – VIDEO

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