March 6 is World Lymphedema Awareness Day! What are the symptoms of lymphedema (elephantiasis), is there any treatment?


The primary week of March has been accepted as “Lymphedema Awareness Week” and March 6 as “World Lymphedema Awareness Day”.

Lymphedema Awareness Day, created on March 3, 2016, goals to stop lymphedema and lift consciousness about this illness. On today, occasions on the symptoms and therapy of the illness are held globally.

So, what is lymphedema? What are the symptoms of lymphedema (elephantiasis), is there any therapy? This is what it is advisable learn about lymphedema (elephantiasis).


Lymphedema, popularly often called elephantiasis, is a illness that manifests itself with swelling of the legs and arms and is brought on by blockages in the lymph nodes, which are half of the physique’s immune system.

The fluid that fills the areas between the cells should be filtered often by the lymphatic system so as to stay in steadiness. When a blockage happens on this system, swelling happens relying on the location of the blockage. This situation, which may be power, can worsen if left untreated.


The most typical symptom of lymphedema is swelling in the arms or legs. When folks can’t match into their garments, their rings are not on their fingers, and so they discover issues brought on by swelling, they seek the advice of a health care provider.

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These swellings could also be accompanied by ache infrequently. Swelling of the arms or legs could cause discomfort in the individual as a result of lymphedema causes swelling that may result in limitation of motion.

Pores and skin issues are additionally amongst the symptoms of lymphedema. Steadily thickening pores and skin, formation of warts, fluid move from the pores and skin and folding of the pores and skin may be seen in lymphedema.

There are many elements in the growth of lymphedema. It is recognized that radiation remedy utilized to most cancers sufferers, harm to the lymph nodes consequently of some surgical procedures, fungal ailments, infections, trauma, parasite species transmitted by some mosquitoes and congenital lymphatic system ailments trigger lymphedema.

March 6 is World Lymphedema Awareness Day!  What are the symptoms of lymphedema (elephantiasis), is there any treatment?  #2nd


There is no clear therapy for lymphedema, nevertheless it is tried to stop critical issues brought on by the illness, for functions corresponding to minimizing the accumulation of fluid between the cells and making the fluid move in the lymph system quicker.

In the therapy of lymphedema, 4 alternative ways are adopted that assist one another. These may be defined as follows: guide drainage technique, particular bandaging technique, personalised workout routines and compression clothes.

Along with these, skincare and cleansing must be achieved by going to the dermatologist for pores and skin issues. Thus, infections that may improve the severity of lymphedema might be prevented.

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March 6 is World Lymphedema Awareness Day!  What are the symptoms of lymphedema (elephantiasis), is there any treatment?  #3

Guide drainage technique is a sort of therapeutic massage software. This kind of therapeutic massage, during which the gathered lymph fluid is flowed to different components of the physique and is tried to be prevented, is often utilized in lymphedema sufferers. This software is carried out by professional physiotherapists.

The illness doesn’t disappear with the guide lymphatic drainage technique, however the indicators and symptoms, the ache of the individual, the limitation in the arm and leg may be prevented.

{People} with lymphedema ought to make train an element of their lives, as a result of the lymph move will improve and the move of the gathered fluid will turn into simpler on account of the steady work of the muscle mass together with the limb actions. An train program appropriate for the age of the sufferers must be decided and the affected person’s compliance with the train must be checked.

March 6 is World Lymphedema Awareness Day!  What are the symptoms of lymphedema (elephantiasis), is there any treatment?  #4

Different strategies utilized in lymphedema sufferers are particular bandaging and sporting tight (compression) clothes. With these strategies, the quantity of the swollen arm or leg is lowered and lymph circulation is facilitated.

Since sufferers with lymphedema might have aesthetic anxiousness issues, lymphedema sufferers are referred to specialist psychologists, topic to doctor approval.

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