Making Eyebrow Dye at Home with Coffee and Cocoa

Do you know how to color your eyebrows naturally and safely at home? We have an easy recipe for eyebrow dye.

How to Paint Eyebrows?

Now let’s see how you can paint the eyebrows first. Although many people go to the beauty center to do this, you can easily do it yourself.
First, you should start from the inside of your eyebrows from the nose because the eyebrows are denser in this part. Using a small wooden stick or brush, you should first take the paint and then spread it back and forth and down the middle of the eyebrows. The paint takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to work. Since we will use a natural product, the effect will last longer.
When the paint is gone, we can take it with a wet cotton ball. Sometimes you may need to apply some pressure to remove the paint. Please note that if you do not remove the paint you will continue to dye your eyebrows and it may be a very dark color. Washing your face after removing the paint will also contribute to this problem.
Doing this process every three to four weeks will help your eyebrows look beautifully shaped.

Making Eyebrow Dye at Home

First, we must choose the right shade for our eyebrows. You may want to choose darker colors first, but only choose one or two shades of your current hair color.
Once you’ve decided the tone, mix the coffee grounds and cocoa powder in a bowl. So the coffee grounds will help instead of wasting. The reason we use cocoa powder is to turn the tone. If you want a darker shade, reduce the cocoa, if you want to increase it lighter.
Now we add coconut oil, honey, and aloe vera gel. Coconut oil has antibacterial effects, but its main job is to hold other ingredients together. Honey is both conservative and good for skin health. It is especially important to keep the paint on your eyebrows.
Aloe vera gel is good for the skin under the eyebrows and prevents skin discomfort. After mixing all the ingredients thoroughly and waiting for 5 minutes, we follow the application recommendations in the previous article.
While applying, you should not forget to follow your eyebrow shape. That’s why it’s always better to start with thick areas first.
Keep in mind that you need to do a few tests until you get the color you want.

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