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Makeup tricks for face shape:

In order to achieve the perfect look with make-up, it is important to make up suitable for the face shape. For you as the ” team makeup tricks to suit your face shapewe wrote. You can get the perfect look by applying the right makeup techniques!

Makeup according to the oval face shape

The oval face, which is adopted as the ideal face shape, is a face shape that gets wider on the cheeks and taper at the chin.

For the oval face, we can say that it is the only face shape that does not require correction, and all the interventions made on other face shapes are to bring the face closer to the ovale.

The only thing to be careful about when making this face shape is to avoid angular lines and the lines should be applied as round as possible.

Makeup for a round face shape

In order to achieve a more meaningful make-up on round faces, the outer parts of the face must be intervened.

Especially the chin and cheekbones should be made prominent.

In order to perform such procedures, two foundations are needed, one suitable for the skin color, light and dark.

After applying the foundation suitable for the skin color to the face, the parts that we want to pull back and soften the appearance are shaded with the 1.5 – 2 tone darker of the base foundation.

In the upper part of the face, shadows are applied to both sides of the forehead starting from the ear edge.

In the lower part, a curved shadow is made to the chin from the upper part of the ear adjacent to the face.

In the next step, starting from the earlobe, a curved shadow is made from the cheek pit towards the nose. This process will make the cheekbones clear and add a more meaningful expression to the face.

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On round faces, blush is applied over the cheekbone towards the outer end of the eye on the sides and to form a triangle in the cheek pit in the lower part.

Since attention should be drawn to the middle part on round faces, lipstick should be applied live, and eyebrows and eyes should be painted slanting.

Make-up according to square face shape

In square faces, attention should be drawn to the middle of the face in order to give a softer expression to the face and to eliminate angles that add hardness to the face, and for this, vibrant colors should be used.

First of all, a foundation suitable for the skin color is applied to the face.

On the upper part of the face, a shadow is made with a curved shadow starting from the roots of the hair and towards the temples by using the other foundation that is 1-2 tones dark.
In the next lower part, a shadow should be made in the form of an arc from the upper part of the ear to the chin.

Illuminator is applied to the chin, and also to the outer part of the eye and to the tip cheek bone.

Lips are painted vividly and blush is applied in a triangle, just like on round faces.

Make-up according to the long face shape

In order to achieve a more vivid and deep expression on long faces, the procedure should be aimed at removing the flat image on the face. The length on the face can be caused by the width of the forehead or chin section or the width of the nose and lips. In order for these parts to attract less attention, they should be retracted by making a correct shading.

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As always, a foundation suitable for the skin color is applied to the face. Especially the forehead and chin section are shaded horizontally using 1-2 tones of dark foundation. Blush is applied horizontally over the cheekbone towards the ear. Horizontal painting of eyebrows, eyes and lips will give better results.

In addition, bangs and bangs left on the forehead will help create a nice expression on long faces. The reason why painting and shading processes are generally applied horizontally on long faces is to give an image taken transversely to the face.

Makeup according to a straight triangle face shape

In straight triangular faces, the forehead section is narrow, the chin section is wide, so when illuminating the illuminated forehead section by using light color foundation to reveal the forehead section, especially the eye edges and temples should not be forgotten, we should shade using dark colored foundation to pull back the chin section.

Shading is done with dark foundation, just below the ear, down to the chin and towards the cheek pit. Shadows should continue from under the chin to the neck and are well distributed.

Blush is applied in a round shape on the cheekbone. Angular lines should definitely not be made.

Since the forehead is narrow, the eyebrows and eyes are painted in a way that gives an expression away from each other.

Make-up according to the inverted triangle face shape

In this face shape, the forehead is wide and the chin section is narrow. Therefore, the forehead can be narrowed and we can do this by using 1-2 tons of dark color foundation by shading, the jaw bones should be made more prominent. For the parts we want to make clear, we can do the lighting process with the help of light color foundation.

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After the forehead is narrowed by shading on both sides with a dark foundation, the prominent and conspicuous appearance is balanced. Then, with a light-colored foundation, a lightening process is performed from the earlobe to the cheek pit and chin, so that the narrow chin becomes more prominent.

Since the forehead is wide, the eyes and eyebrows are painted in a close expression.

Blush is applied over the cheekbone and towards the tip of the eye in an ellipse.

Make-up according to the angular face shape

Angular faces have a sharp and angled expression similar to square faces. In order to give the face a deeper and softer expression, the bony parts should be receding into the background. For this, shading is done using a dark foundation. The parts to be revealed are illuminated using a light color foundation.

Giving a round shape to the eyebrows will soften the face.

When lipstick is used, the lower lip is painted to look narrower and the upper lip to look fuller.

Blush is applied round the cheekbone. If the cheekbones are protruding on the angled faces, a softer expression can be given by shading.

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