Lost 45 kilos in 7 months in Antalya

Ercan Can, 31, dwelling in Antalya’s Kepez district, began to have issues in day by day life because of his extra weight.

Uncomfortable along with his weight, Can ready a food regimen program for himself. Ercan Can paid consideration to his diet in addition to sports activities inside the program.

His buddies’ phrases ‘We do not know you’ have been efficient in Can’s weight reduction. Upon this promise, Can dropped from 120 kilos to 75 kilos in 7 months.


Ercan Can, describing the load loss course of and saying that he’s now buying comfortably, “The method of gaining weight has developed in a short time for me. I used to be dancing with my buddies, after some time I ended dancing, I began to achieve weight quickly. I cherished to eat. I gained a variety of weight in the method.” stated.


Ercan Can acknowledged that he didn’t wish to store after he began to achieve weight. “Once I gained weight, I did not wish to acquire something. Once I entered a retailer, I used to be depressed when the garments I appreciated weren’t on me. I went from 120 kilos to 75 kilos. I misplaced weight by exercising and taking note of dinner.

My buddies didn’t like my weight in any respect. I used to be in a psychological despair. Since consuming all the time makes individuals blissful, I all the time felt blissful after I ate, and obtained offended after I did not. When confronted with such conditions, I began the load loss course of as of 2019.” he stated.

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Lost 45 kilos in 7 months in Antalya #3

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