Long Face Hairstyles Men

Long face hairstyles are extremely important for men. Since men’s hair is generally shaped at the top, men with long faces have difficulty in finding a hairstyle. We want to share the right hairstyles for long faces that don’t suit every hairstyle. At the end of our article, you can find your own hairstyle and look much more stylish and charismatic.

Long Face Hairstyles Men

Men with a long face shape should not use the hair at the top by puffing. Besides, it should not throw too long bangs sideways. The most correct procedure for the hair at the top is to stick it to the back. If the chin is too pointed and long, this will not work either. Because the hair in this face shape is bony and character.

Long face hairstyles men

The first thing to consider is to leave favorites or fouls short.

If the forehead is wide, you need to cover the forehead with hair.

You should not leave the upper part of the hair too long, the longer this part, the longer your face will increase. It will be the best choice to leave it at the temple level.

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For men with long faces, beard is as important as hair. Long beards on the chin should be cut, and the most stubble should be left. Because with a long beard, it will give the image that the length of the hair continues in the beard. This makes your face look a lot longer than it is.

Among the hair models that will make the face look fuller and rounder, you should choose models with long sides of the hair. For example, if you like a long hairstyle, we recommend you long hair, when the sides of your hair that ends on the shoulder are cut in layers, you will see that the face takes the shape of an oval face when the top of the hair is cut in layers and the forehead is closed by splitting it in the middle if you wish.

Short hair to long face

Short Hairstyles For Long Face

Short hair If you like to use it, you should never leave the top of your hair fluffy. You should leave some hair on the top and comb it back and attach it to the back or close the wide forehead to make your face look oval.

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Very short hair should not be chosen among the short hair models, but should be used by covering the face with hair and bangs at ear level. Thus, you will camouflage the excesses of your face and make your face look more massive and round.

Below, we share with you the images we have compiled from 2020 men’s hairstyles for men with long face shapes.

Photo Gallery: Short Hairstyles for Long Face

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