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Lipstick application techniques according to the shape of the lips:

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Plump, thin, thick… No matter what your lip shape is, you should choose your lipstick well to get the best look. Well, according to your lip shape how to apply lipstick? From , Lipstick application techniques according to the shape of the lipsAdd beauty to your beauty!

How to apply lipstick on thick lips?

Draw the contour of your lips with a natural color lip pencil. Thus, the borders of your lip will appear smaller. If you use a dark and matte lipstick, the color of the lipstick will absorb the light and make your lips look smaller.

How to apply lipstick on plump lips?

Shimmering lipsticks make lips look fuller and fuller. Avoid using them. While applying your lipstick, take care to stay within your lip line. Choose matte colors.

How to apply lipstick on thin lips?

Paint your lip line from the outside with a thick-tipped lip pencil. Use two layers of pencil on your lower lip. Choose clear, shimmery and shimmery lipsticks.

How to apply lipstick on pale lips?

Pale lips are generally not evenly distributed in color. Before you start to apply your lipstick, you can lightly apply foundation to your lips. This improves your color tone and makes the lipstick you wear more permanent. After applying your lipstick, rub your lips well together and make sure to spread the lipstick evenly.

How to care for lips?

The fastest aging areas of the skin are around the eyes and lips. Moisture holding capacity of aged lips decreases. Therefore for young and lively lips make-up The indispensable item in your bag should be your lip moisturizer. You can also lightly rub olive oil on your lips once or twice a week. You will see that your lips are nourished and glowing. Also, drinking 2 liters of water a day prevents dry lips and helps it look brighter.

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