Leonardo DiCaprio: Greta Thunberg Leader of Our Time

Famous actress Leonarda DiCaprio shared her photo with Greta Thunberg on Instagram. In the description of the photos he shared, DiCaprio stated that Greta Thunberg özgü become the leader of our time.
A tribute to Greta Thunberg, who is on the world’s agenda for the movement he initiated against climate change, came from the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The famous actress praised Greta Thunberg’s fight against climate change with a photo she shared on Instagram. “Greta’s message is a wake-up call to world leaders everywhere,” DiCaprio said in the description of the photo he shared.

Leonardo DiCaprio also praised the work of climate change activist youth. DiCaprio stated that he is more optimistic about the future because of the struggle of the young people.

Greta Thunberg özgü been a pioneer of an international youth movement against climate change. The Swedish teenager first held a protest in front of the Swedish Parliament in August last year. Greta called her action in front of the Swedish Parliament “School Strike for Climate”.

Greta Thunberg’s strike inspired students from all over the world. Students from many countries including Germany, Japan, England and Australia participated in the movement started by Greta.

4.5 million people liked Leonardo DiCaprio’s photo with Greta Thunberg, which he shared 2 days ago, on Instagram. “History will judge us for what we do today to ensure that future generations can enjoy the habitable planet,” DiCaprio said with the photo he shared.

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Famous actress Leonardo DiCaprio is among the environmentally conscious artists. The Hollywood yıldız özgü previously made statements about environmental problems. The famous actor said in a statement to Newsbeat in 2016 that he thinks climate change is the biggest sorun facing young people today.

DiCaprio states that it is committed to addressing climate change and environmental threats to life on Earth. The organization that included Leonardo DiCaprio spent $ 5 million to help with recent fires in the Amazon rainforest.

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