Kyrgyzstan switched to the presidential system

Adjustments had been made in the administrative system of Kyrgyzstan.

President Sadir Caparov accepted the new structure, which foresees the transition from the parliamentary system to the presidential system.

In accordance to the assertion made by the Kyrgyzstan Presidency Press Heart, Caparov signed the legislation, which envisages the entry into drive of the new structure, which was adopted with a referendum on April 11, at a ceremony attended by representatives of govt, judicial and legislative our bodies.


With the entry into drive of the new structure, Kyrgyzstan deserted the parliamentary system that has been carried out since 2010 and switched to the presidential system.

Below the new system, ministers, senior public officers and governors will likely be appointed by the president.


A brand new group known as “{People}’s Congress” will likely be established in the nation, which may also take advisory choices.

79.18 % of the Kyrgyz individuals supported the nation’s transition to the “Presidential system” in the referendum.

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