Joe Biden remains silent about raid on Trump’s home

Former US President Donald Trump’s home in Florida was raided by FBI brokers for acquiring categorized paperwork.

Whereas the US Nationwide Archives states that at the very least 700 pages of “confidential paperwork” had been extracted from Mar-a-Lago, Trump stated: “This has by no means occurred to any US president earlier than.” expressed his response.

Biden’s Trump silence

US President Joe Biden, on the opposite hand, remains silent on the raid.

The Wall Road Journal famous that Biden made the strategic determination earlier this yr to criticize Trump extra aggressively, however didn’t speak about the operation.

“His advisors don’t desire him to get into arguments”

Within the information pointed to Biden, “The President’s advisers don’t desire him to become involved in discussions about the Justice Division’s investigation into Donald Trump’s categorized paperwork.” expression was used.

Biden additionally claimed that Trump as president had an excessive amount of affect over the Justice Division.

Notion of ‘politics directs the investigation’

Biden’s advisers, on the opposite hand, wish to keep away from the notion that the “investigation is pushed by politics.”

On the identical time, the advisors in query don’t want Trump, who has began to be talked about once more with the home raid, to remain on the agenda any longer.

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