Jewelry Making – What is Annealing?

Annealing is a role of the jewelry doing process, and is essentially where metal is warmed up to make it very soft so that it may be manipulated and proved helpful with. You’ll require a few special tools for creating jewelllery to manage the approach, and in this short article most of us run through just precisely what is involved.

The approach will vary with respect to the material that you are doing the job with because each material has a different reducing point. For example, should you be working with copper this has a high reducing point, and will need a lot of annealing, in contrast to in the event you work with precious metal it is naturally versatile and may require simply no annealing at all.

The most prevalent tool used by company inside the annealing process is a torch, which may be propane or normal gas. When you apply the torch the flare should be held above this metal at the point where the glowing blue and yellow parts involving the flame intersect. Since this color of the metal changes it will become more flexible, and also making use of the correct heat this certainly will take no more in comparison with 30 seconds. The temps at which metals anneal are:

  • Copper 1110 diplomas,
  • Silver 1110 degrees
  • Platinum 1110 degrees
  • White Gold 1200 degrees
  • Gold 1200 degrees
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If anyone are using wire material to make jewelry in addition to access to a kiln, then that can be the handy alternative to the torch. But a kiln is not one involving the standard tools with regard to jewelry making, and if first, you start out anyone don’t need anything additional than a hand placed torch.

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