It is possible to be protected from infections, which spread with heat, with simple measures.

It is possible to be protected from infections, which spread with heat, with simple measures.

Infections transmitted from unclean waters in summer season, poisoning attributable to meals with milk and mayonnaise which might be stored within the open and never ready underneath applicable situations, and Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever attributable to tick bites are frequent.

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Specialists have been requested about frequent infectious ailments in summer season and the precautions to be taken in opposition to them.

Istanbul Medeniyet College School of Drugs School Member, Göztepe Prof. Dr. Süleyman Yalçın Metropolis Hospital Infectious Illnesses and Scientific Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Yasemin Çağ stated that the growing temperature in summer season creates an acceptable atmosphere for the copy of some microorganisms, and due to this fact the infections that develop due to them might enhance.

Noting that the incidence of some infections will increase due to spending extra time in open and rural areas, sea and pool in summer season, Çağ stated that a few of them “acute gastroenteritis and meals poisoning, respiratory tract infections, vector-borne infections, pool and polluted sea infections, travel-related infections” sorted as.

prof. Dr. Explaining that some viruses, micro organism and parasites can be the reason for acute gastroenteritis and meals poisoning, Çağ stated that the consumption of unhygienic meals and drinks, particularly stored outside in sizzling climate, is a threat issue.

On this respect, stating that ice cream, cream cake and mayonnaise merchandise ready with milk and dairy merchandise can be thought of extra dangerous, Çağ stated that acute gastroenteritis and meals poisoning progress with signs resembling nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and diarrhea.

Noting that within the therapy of gastroenteritis and meals poisoning, it is aimed to exchange the water and salt misplaced by the physique, and that they suggest the sufferers to devour boiled potatoes, bananas, yogurt and loads of water, Çağ warned that extreme vomiting and extreme diarrhea in younger youngsters can generally be life-threatening, and that in extreme circumstances, a health care provider ought to be consulted. .

prof. Dr. Çağ stated that viral higher respiratory tract infections can be seen always of the yr, inflicting gentle fever and sore throat, sneezing, runny nostril, and tearing within the eyes, particularly in youngsters.

One other respiratory tract an infection that will come to thoughts for the summer season is “legionella” attributable to micro organism “legionella pneumonia” Saying that Prof. Dr. Çağ acknowledged that this bacterium can be transmitted in resorts with central cooling towers, in humid environments resembling Turkish baths, saunas and spas, when the water is contaminated with this bacterium and by respiratory the humid air there.

How to defend from tick chunk, how to intervene when it sticks?

prof. Dr. Yasemin Çağ acknowledged that tick bites may cause CCHF and Lyme illness, and mosquito bites may cause West Nile Virus transmission.

Stating that CCHF can happen with simple signs resembling fever, nausea, vomiting, muscle ache or critical signs resembling bleeding, Çağ famous that West Nile Virus can lead to a harmful image with fever, stomach ache, diarrhea and rash, in addition to a change in consciousness. .

prof. Dr. Çağ listed the issues that may be carried out to forestall tick and mosquito bites as follows:

Pulling socks over the trouser legs when going to rural areas, selecting light-colored garments to assist see the tick, and utilizing insect repellent are efficient strategies of safety. After returning from the agricultural space, tick management ought to be carried out. If tick infestation is detected, the closest well being establishment ought to be consulted for removing. Particularly within the night and at evening, avoiding open areas on the physique whereas sleeping and utilizing fly repellent merchandise can be protecting.

tick chunk

Noting that unclean swimming pools and seas may cause urinary tract, fungal and eye infections and otitis media in the course of the summer season months, Çağ stated that pores and skin fungal infections can be transmitted from individual to individual due to the shared use of non-public gadgets resembling towels, and that the danger components that trigger genital fungal infections are after leaving the ocean or pool. then he stated that he ought to keep in moist swimsuits and put on very tight and sweaty garments.

Mentioning the measures that may be taken to forestall water-borne infections, Çağ stated,

Should you can not be positive of the cleanliness of the pool, if the ocean water appears to be like soiled, you shouldn’t swim there. As quickly as you get out of the water, the moist swimsuit ought to be changed with a dry one. Private gadgets resembling towels mustn’t be shared. Very sweaty, tight or artificial garments mustn’t be most popular, and when sweating, garments ought to be modified as quickly as possible.

he stated.

“Fingers ought to be washed recurrently with cleaning soap and water”

Başakşehir Çam and Sakura Metropolis Hospital Infectious Illnesses and Scientific Microbiology Specialist Coaching Assistant Assoc. Dr. Ramazan Korkusuz acknowledged that the rise in air temperature and humidity in the summertime months and the extraordinary coexistence of individuals for vacation actions might enhance the spread of some infections.

Assoc. Dr. Fearless acknowledged that gastroenteritis, which is one of many digestive system infections and is referred to as “abdomen flu” or “abdomen chilly” among the many folks, is regularly seen in the summertime, including that within the therapy of this illness, which can lead to fluid loss due to diarrhea and vomiting, fluid supplementation and, relying on the scenario, antibiotic remedy is began.

Saying that respiratory tract infections additionally trigger ailments with an elevated fee of spread in the summertime, Korkusuz acknowledged that colds, flu and throat infections can be transmitted extra simply in closed areas the place the air circulates extra, in public transportation autos, vacation areas, and in environments with unmaintained air conditioners.

Assoc. Dr. Noting that swimming in fearless, unhygienic waters will increase the danger of urinary tract infections, ear, urinary tract and pores and skin infections and diarrhea are among the many ailments attributable to the pool, and drew consideration to the truth that some infectious ailments resembling tularemia might happen due to ingesting water from wells or fountains in unsafe rural areas. .

Speaking about what wants to be carried out to forestall these infections, Korkusuz stated:

Fingers ought to be washed recurrently with cleaning soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer ought to be used. Clear and protected water sources ought to be most popular as ingesting water. Meals ought to be ready underneath hygienic situations. Whereas swimming within the pool or the ocean, care ought to be taken to hold the locations clear by appearing in accordance with the hygiene guidelines. Keep away from taking fingers to face and mouth.

“Meals can spoil even in half an hour if left within the warmth”

Istanbul College Cerrahpasa (IUC) Cerrahpasa School of Drugs Infectious Illnesses Specialist. Teacher Member Rıdvan Karaali additionally acknowledged that infectious ailments encountered in summer season are attributable to insect bites resembling ticks, swimming pools in massive estates or vacation resorts and non-flowing water resembling ponds in rural areas, and meals poisoning.

Explaining that unclean pool water may cause eye and ear infections, Karaali stated that the danger of this an infection is excessive, particularly in stagnant waters resembling ponds in rural areas.

Emphasizing that it is not essential to swim in swimming pools that aren’t positive of their cleanliness and in stagnant waters, Karaali really helpful getting into protected swimming pools which might be cleaned at websites or vacation resorts, and having a shower after swimming.

meals poisoning

Referring to the scenario of meals poisoning, Karaali, particularly within the press and social media in the summertime. “200 folks have been poisoned on the invitation” He underlined that circumstances of mass poisoning are regularly witnessed underneath such titles.

Dr. Teacher Member Rıdvan Karaali identified that a very powerful cause for meals poisoning is not storing meals underneath applicable situations,

Meals resembling ice cream, milk desserts and mayonnaise pose a selected threat. Such merchandise, which won’t deteriorate even when they continue to be exterior till the morning in winter, can deteriorate when left at an unsuitable temperature in a really quick time, resembling half an hour or 1 hour in summer season. This will increase the gastrointestinal system ailments, which we name meals poisoning transmitted by way of meals.

gave the knowledge.

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