Is watermelon good or bad for people with kidney illness?

Many people suppose that people with kidney issues ought to drink as a lot water and eat watermelon as doable. It is a very unsuitable concept.

Sure, each water and watermelon are very good for the kidneys. However with regards to wholesome kidneys. Within the case of kidney issues, quite the opposite, your physician might suggest lowering the quantity of water you drink and eliminating watermelon.

In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russian urologist Nikolai Shevchenko spoke about the advantages and harms of watermelon to the kidneys.

presents some suggestions of the physician.

Based on the physician, watermelon alkalizes urine, which might trigger extra issues in some kidney sufferers. The urologist advises kidney sufferers to make use of currants, grapes, parsley and particularly parsley juice, particularly cranberries, quite than watermelon to enhance kidney perform.

In lots of kidney illnesses, the quantity of water can be decreased to cut back the stress on the kidneys.

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