Is Rice Water Beneficial For The Skin?

Did you know that the rice water we usually pour is actually full of vitamins and minerals?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of rice water that you can easily prepare at home, but first let’s see how to prepare it.

How to Make Rice Water?

Rice water is easy to prepare. Follow these steps:
• Wash the rice well in cold water.
• Remember to wash at least 3 times.
• Make sure the last wash water is clean.
• Boil the rice until it is cooked.
• When the scalding water is absorbed a little, drain the water into another container.
• There should be no water in the water.
• Cool the water and put it in a glass jar.
• You can consume this water regularly.
What does rice water do to the skin?

Rice water can give your skin the porcelain look you want. Immediately lightens and brightens the skin and provides soft, flawless skin tone Rice water is better than expensive skin whitening serums as it is natural and much less costly.
It removes sun spots, wrinkles and signs of aging on the skin. Thanks to antioxidants, it also reduces acne. Rice water eliminates skin imperfections, reduces the size of pores, prevents clogging and allows the skin to breathe.
How to Wash Your Face with Rice Water?
Put some of the rice water in a bowl and take the cotton and dip the cotton in the water. Apply on face using circular motions. When you’re done, wait a few minutes and rinse with cold water.
Face Mask with Rice Water

The rice mask moisturizes and exfoliates your skin. You can follow these steps:
• Take half a bowl of rice and add it to the pot. Then add water to 2 bowls and mix.
• Soak the rice in this water for half an hour and separate the rice with a strainer, just hold the water.
• Take a pair of scissors and cut a towel around the eyes, nose and mouth.
• Now soak this towel with rice water and apply to your face.
Making Rice Flour Face with Rice Water
2 bowls
• 1 spoon
• Strainer
• Scissors
• Paper towel
• Small Potatoes
• Knife
• Grater
• Rice flour
• Rice water
• Peel the potatoes.
• Grate the potato.
• Take the potato and squeeze the juice into a bowl.
• Add rice flour and mix with paste.
• Add 3 tablespoons of rice water and mix.
• Apply to your face and wait 20 minutes.
• Rinse with cold water.

Benefits of Rice Water to Skin

Strengthens the skin

Rice water strengthens the skin and softens it while it hardens. After dipping a cotton wool in rice water, apply it to your skin as if you were massaging it. You will see results in a week.
Good for Acne
You can use rice water against acne. Apply it to the spotty area with a cotton ball and witness the reduction of the redness.
Lightens the Skin

Rice water is much more powerful than artificial beauty products. It helps your skin look lighter over time. Since it does not contain chemicals, it also supports the nutrition of the skin. Apply it to your skin with your fingers and let it dry.
Enhances the Body

Dermatological studies have shown that patients with dermatitis show improvement after bathing in rice water twice a day for 15 minutes.
Is Rice Water Good for Hair?
Rice water is also pretty good for hair.
Hair care

You can use rice water to nourish the hair after shampooing. After applying it to your hair, wait a few minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. You can apply 3 times a week.
Reduces Hair Fractures

Rice water also naturally reduces hair breakage. Soak the ends of your hair in a bowl of rice for 15 minutes and then rinse with water.
Gives Shine

Cut the banana into slices and mash well. Apply to your hair with rice water and rose water. Put a lid on your head and rinse after 20 minutes.
Benefits of Rice Water
Slow Aging

Rice water is full of B1 vitamins that make it good for hair and skin. It slows down the aging process and increases your beauty over time.
Prevents Eye Damage

Rice water contains 8 amino acids that protect the eyes. Insufficient intake of these amino acids causes the breakdown of body proteins.
Strengthens Immunity and Metabolism

Rice water contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, strengthens immunity and speeds up metabolism. It also increases bone density, allowing you to be stronger and fit.

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