Is it forbidden to go to Antarctica?

Is it forbidden to go to Antarctica?

Is it forbidden to go to Antarctica?

The place that I most wished to go to in my life is… Mars. Certain it’s not doable for now the second place that I most wished to go to is Antarctica. Particularly a sure area. I’ll clarify the place it’s shortly, however is it doable? As a result of some folks declare going to Antarctica is forbidden.

Antarctica is among the most fascinating locations on the earth. Generally known as the seventh Continent however truly sizewise, it’s the fifth As a result of it’s practically double the dimensions of Australia and it’s greater than Europe, I suppose there isn’t a want to inform it’s probably the most coldest place on the earth. on the identical time , windiest and driest place.

Yep. I’m saying dry. Truly technically Antarctica is a desert. And there’s a place , that has not rained for two million years. The World’s Driest place. Thats the place I need to go. McMurdo Dry Valleys On this 4800 sq. kilometers of space there may be not even snowflake The rationale of that is Katabatic Wind in Antarctica.

chilly air on the highest of the Antarctica’s environment When it descends vertically 10000 meters it causes the chilly winds. These winds in ”Dry Valley” are time to time reaching at speeds of as much as 320 km and And it takes all of the moisture within the space. scientists based useless and mumyfied animals on this space They appear like virtually they died yesterday Scientists had been in a position to go on the market and.

.. and so they made vital discoveries like this, Properly, can’t we atypical folks go there ? 1818, precisely 200 years in the past you wouldn’t be capable of go there Even you couldn’t ask this query ”Is it forbidden to go there?” As a result of it was not Recognized that Antarctica even existed.

Look, 200 years even 400 years in the past You’ll be capable of ask ”Is it doable to go to Mars”. As a result of for 1000’s of years from Chinese language to the Iraqis this planet was being watched by numerous astronomers In 1610, Mars was noticed to it’s poles by Galileo However on the identical time , Galileo was not even conscious of the fifth greatest continent within the planet he lived Although there have been theories and legends about this continent that it was there.

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There was no person that is aware of this continent till an expedition by the russians in 1820’s folks landed on the south pole level within the continent practically a century later in 1911. It was simply earlier than 58 years we landed on the moon… That’s Why it is a place that we all know so much less as people, if we’ve much less data about issues sadly the extra concepts we’ve It’s good to have concepts however There may very well be some conspiracy theories mysterious colossal objects, pyramids bases that belongs to the aliens belongs to all types of fantasy Antartica turned The Hottest geography in it’s very shortly found lifespan.

When the world was Recognized flat, it was referred to as a pure protecting border around the globe the widespread level of all these conspiracy theories are one thing unusual is happening there and people unusual issues are being hidden by somebody from us so its forbidden to go there or it’s not doable? The second a part of this declare is completely improper.

It’s not forbidden to go to Antartica. matter of reality, there isn’t a must have a visa to go there. As a result of Antarctica is the one continent that there isn’t a nation in it. Politically its not linked to anyplace. Simply as, Moon or like , Mars. If we go there belongs to each one among us , if we don’t go non of us.

.. so (Turkish proverb) ; We cant say it belongs to us if we go or don’t go. So if we will go, does it belong to us? just a few hundred years in the past, on the age of colonization… The international locations might have claimed a land that they’ve found as theirs so simply Thus even after the colonization age in 1900’s Brits claimed Antarctica as a result of they made discoveries In fact after that France,Norway , Germany and many different international locations claimed ” So we’re doing discoveries too, we’ve rights on it too ” This claims and conflicts was moved on till twentieth century’s center till 1956 That yr, the earth’s one of many final found lands, New Zealand, introduced Antarctica have to be a ”Worlds Land” In 1959 a whole lot of international locations gathered, And signed Antarctica treaty.

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Together with Turkey, a complete of 53 international locations Signed to this treaty as sides. For this treaty You possibly can’t make any navy exercise on this continent. You possibly can’t make mining. Needless to say you may’t do nuclear actions too. It solely permits scientific analysis. And to maintain the character clear There are some type of limitations and guidelines on the market They even set bathroom guidelines to decrease the harms of the human feces they give you Critical and expensive designs to make it proper However this treaty, Antarctica treaty doesn’t forbid coming over there from any nations Everytime you need , wherever you may go in Antarctica, even the South pole too You possibly can ask’ ‘Properly if that’s that straightforward and that’s the place you most wished to go to however why don’t you go?” as a result of the reason being very clear and slightly bit emotional Is there somebody who has a good friend in Polar Cruises ? I’m in search of a reduced ticket.

.. 🙂 At any time in a yr, 1000 folks lives in Antarctica. A number of them are scientists doing analysis By the best way Turkey did an vital step on science a yr in the past. appointment of Ministry of Science Business and Know-how İTÜ’s Polar Analysis Institute in coordination A analysis group of 9 went there I hope in a short while they’ll be capable of set a analysis station on there.

Finally The primary Turk went to Antarctica is Prof.Dr. Atok Karaali The place He made researches at -80 C levels and laborious circumstances was named ”Karaali Rocks” One other place in Antarctica named Turkish is ”Inan Hills”. as Rector of Koç College Prof . Dr .

Ümran İNAN He’s on of the world’s “ionosphere and environment physics” main skilled ”Once I was reviewing the world’s closest house… putting my station and my measuring devices to the Antarctica… offers me a number of the benefits that I can not have in some other place on this world.

.. For making these measurements we’re going to Antarctica… To not examine Antarctica , For utilizing it as a balcony When he was a professor at Stanford College in 1980’s , Due to the scientific research he made about Antarctica a hill which is 2451 meters excessive was named as Inan Hill. Should you’re questioning about the place it’s, Go in to the Google Maps and write ”Inan Peak” and seek for it.

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Did you discover it?Now let me present you the place do I need to go From Inan Hill get extra greater, up , up you will notice an blackness by the 100 km of north And you’ll suppose the place did this blackness come out? In a white and snowy continent Blacked place.That’s the place McMurdo Dry Valleys. Then why is that this the second place that I actually wished to go in my life As a result of its so mysterious However its not like a thriller that creating new theories.

It’s a thriller to be investigated, and take a journey on that land. It’s the driest and coldest land on the earth. Actually, in line with a analysis revealed in 2016 … That is the primary and solely place the place there may be not even a microbial life on earth. That’s the reason scientists have declared the area most resembling Mars.

I imply, the area that appears just like the one I wished to go to most! I can’t go to Mars for now, however at the very least … I like the potential of going on the market which resembles the Mars most In Antarctica, the sting of the world or the aliens hiding from us haven’t been discovered but However there’s a very best setting wherein house analysis may be carried out.

And it’s not forbidden to go, both to think about or to suppose The one impediment forward for us to do scientific analysis is in our heads To not go to Antarctica … it’s forbidden to colonize the place. to overcome with Scientific analysis is free If we take away the impediment in entrance of us I imply in our heads.

.. If we are able to obtain to take away that impediment possibly at some point, 100 km north of Inan Peak someplace in that mysterious land … one among ours’ title shall be given.

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