Investigation of Emmanuel Macron with posters likening Hitler

In France, President Emmanuel macronReactions to the necessary vaccination in opposition to .

Reactions to Macron on this situation have been moved to billboards.


Within the south of France, within the cities of Var province Toulon and Seyne-sur-Mer, on the posters on the billboards on the highway, Michel-Ange Flori, President of the Republic, to criticize the coronavirus necessary vaccination coverage and well being card utility for healthcare personnel. Emmanuel macronHe caricatured him by likening him to Hitler.

“Obey, get vaccinated!” The phrase “Disgrace” was written on the posters with the slogan “Disgrace” later with a sprig.

Investigation of Emmanuel Macron with posters comparing him to Hitler #1


Within the nation the place insulting cartoons in opposition to the Prophet Muhammad are thought-about inside the scope of “freedom of expression” Toulon Prosecutor Bernard Marchal has launched an investigation in opposition to Flori for defamation in public.

Flori made a press release on his social media account, macronStating that they might not bear to make enjoyable of their idols, they wrote the phrase “Disgrace”, and famous that these intellectuals disrespected Charlie Chaplin, who imitated Hitler with their kind.

Flori, who was beforehand recognized for hanging some 350 controversial posters, was criticized for supporting the Yellow Vests in 2019.

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Investigation with posters comparing Emmanuel Macron to Hitler #2

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