Investigation launched into Suez Canal accident

Investigation launched into Suez Canal accident

Egypt has launched an investigation into the large container ship “The Ever Given”, which induced maritime site visitors to cease for six days within the Suez Canal.

Sayyid Sheisha, Undersecretary of the Suez Canal Administration, gave details about the investigation launched into the ship that crashed and ran aground.

Sheisha stated that as a part of the investigation, the Suez Canal Administration will go aboard “The Ever Given” and get the ship’s certificates, upkeep, tools and accident information, copies of the audio recordings earlier than and through the accident.


Noting that the ship has nonetheless not delivered the paperwork and information requested by the Channel Administration, Sheisha said that if the requested paperwork usually are not delivered and the investigation is rejected, the ship will likely be seized.

Sheisha additionally said that the investigation will embody inspecting whether or not the captain of the ship complies with the directions and warnings given by the Channel Administration guides.

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Regardless of the floating of the ship and the opening of the canal to site visitors, the difficulty of learn how to compensate for the financial harm skilled on this course of stays unclear.

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Each day that the canal was closed value the Egyptian and world economic system billions of {dollars}.


It’s estimated that Egypt suffered a day by day lack of roughly 10-15 million {dollars}, whereas the day by day lack of The Ever Given to international commerce is round 10 billion {dollars}.

The President of the Suez Canal Administration, Osama Rabi, avoided answering the questions requested on the press conferences on the topic concerning the compensation that the establishment would demand for the damages it suffered on account of the shortcoming to acquire varied revenues comparable to tolls and taxes through the canal’s closure.

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Alternatively, based on the coverage of the Suez Canal Administration, the establishment just isn’t answerable for any malfunction, accident or harm which will happen on ships passing by means of the canal. Because of this, it stays unclear how and by whom the damages suffered by all different related events, such because the homeowners of the ships ready within the canal, the charterers, delivery firms, and the homeowners of the transported merchandise will likely be compensated.

Clear details about the price attributable to the ship disaster has not been obtained from insurance coverage firms but. Subsequently, the difficulty of the worth of the compensations was not clear.

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Financial consultants remark that it could take months to compensate for the harm suffered by each the Suez Canal Administration and different sectors because of the accident.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah es-Sisi’s Suez Canal and Port Affairs Advisor, Muhab Memiş, stated in a press release on 29 March that the corporate that owns the ship is answerable for the damages and prices incurred by the Suez Canal for the accident and its penalties, and likewise for the fines of the ships that needed to wait. He said that the insurance coverage firms had been accountable.

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The enormous container ship “The Ever Given” crashed into the shore within the Suez Canal on March 24 on account of lowered visibility on account of sandstorms and dangerous climate circumstances.

Because the ship obtained caught within the slender channel and blocked the passageway, lengthy ship queues had been shaped on either side of the canal and there have been disruptions in crude oil and LNG shipments because of the cessation of sea site visitors.

The Suez Canal Administration introduced that after 6 days of labor, the floatation of the large cargo ship had been efficiently accomplished and the canal was opened to maritime site visitors.

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