Investigation into those who planned to kidnap German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach

In Germany, the Federal Prosecutor’s Workplace opened an investigation towards 12 members of the Querdenker (Opposite Thinkers) initiative, who protested the measures taken to stop the unfold of the coronavirus, for allegedly kidnapping the Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, and planning acts of violence.

In accordance to the information of AA; Searches had been performed in 21 properties in several states. 4 folks who had been decided to be associated to the incident had been detained.

They established the ‘Patriot Union’ by way of Telegram

It has been decided that the people have established a formation known as the Patriotic Union on the Telegram chat channel.

As well as, it was decided that they aimed to kidnap the Minister of Health with the plan they named Operation Klabautermann.

It was decided that they aimed to gather cash and purchase weapons.

It was acknowledged that the group, which was decided to have collected 12 thousand euros, aimed to purchase weapons and ammunition with this cash.

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