Instant Pain Relief in 5 Minutes! “Ease Discomfort” Relaxing Music for General Aches and Body Pains

If you have never heard of lucid dreaming before, it is the ability to become conscious while your body is still sleeping. Allowing you to live and control in a world within your mind that control. This is an art and a skill that anyone can learn. I decided to make this track using portals to symbolize that lucid dreaming can be gateway to unlimited possibilities. Anything you can imagine you can do inside a lucid dream.

The video will only play for 1 hour, after that the music will play with a blank screen. As the hours go on the music will become fainter and the binaural beat frequencies will get stronger. 7hz in the first 4 hours and 12Hz in the last four. We only have a mild base tone with the 432hz frequency.

This is not a deep sleep track, this is specifically for lucid dreaming, which means there is a single alarm feature around the 6 hour mark, its very short and shouldn’t actually wake you up, if it does try reducing the volume next time. The purpose of this is to jolt your mind, while you sleep, which in theory should help you get into a dream state. The more you use this track there more familiar you will get with this sound, and eventually it will be the trigger that lets you know you are dreaming and that you can be in control if you choose.

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I wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy the video.

Feel free to share your dreams in the comments, people love to read about dream adventures.

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