Increase in Kovid-19 infection may be seen during the pollen season

In line with research, when the focus of pollen in the environment will increase, there is a rise in Kovid-19 infection. The pollen grain getting into the nostril suppresses the manufacturing of gamma interferon, which is efficient in defending towards viruses in the higher respiratory tract epithelium. As the protecting impact of the immune system towards viruses decreases, respiratory tract infections may improve even in individuals who wouldn’t have allergic reactions. The coronavirus inflicting the pandemic enters the physique by means of the nostril and settles in the higher respiratory tract epithelium. Immunology and Allergy Ailments Specialist Prof. Dr. Zeynep Mısırlıgil gave details about the research on the elevated danger in the prevalence and unfold of Kovid-19 infection, associated to the excessive concentrations of pollen in the air reported in line with the information of 130 facilities from 31 nations, together with Turkey.


prof. Dr. Egyptlıgil said that with the onset of the pollen season, complaints akin to sneezing, nasal itching, nasal discharge, nasal congestion, itching in the eyes, redness and watering may start in folks with allergic rhinitis who’re delicate to pollen, “The severity of those complaints may fluctuate relying on the pollen focus in the environment. It is strongly recommended that folks with allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis don’t contact their nostril, mouth and eyes incessantly once they have sneezing and itching complaints in order to not be affected by the coronavirus epidemic. It’s acceptable to take the drugs advisable by their physicians. It’s acceptable for them to take antihistamines and There isn’t a danger of virus transmission in utilizing nasal sprays containing nasal corticosteroids (medication used in allergic reactions). On the opposite, it’ll cut back the danger of transmission by suppressing their complaints.” he stated.

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Increase in COVID-19 infection may occur during pollen season #2


prof. Dr. He reminded that the particular person contaminated with Kovid-19 had sore throat, dry cough, chills and particularly excessive fever, and stated: “They complain of muscle aches and complications, and a sense of fatigue and weak point. There may be lack of style and scent. There may be nasal discharge or congestion generally, however sneezing and nasal itching don’t happen. Often, the signs proceed for 7-25 days. Cough and shortness of breath, chest stress may be current. In these with allergic rhinitis, chills and fever don’t happen. They complain of frequent sneezing, itching in the nostril, discharge, itching and watering in the eyes. Sore throat is uncommon. The signs are seen during the pollen season to which they’re delicate. These complaints improve particularly in the exterior setting. “Cough, shortness of breath and muscle pains are usually not normally seen. Typically weak point can be seen. Lack of style and scent is uncommon. Even sneezing may happen on account of odors.”

Stating that asthmatic sufferers who’re allergic to pollen may expertise coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath assaults on account of pollen getting into the respiratory tract. Dr. Misirligil stated: “Though the complaints of dry cough and shortness of breath are comparable in Kovid-19 infection, sore throat, muscle aches and fever are the most necessary distinguishing signs. Many elements aside from pollen can set off signs in bronchial asthma. We all know that viruses are the most necessary set off for bronchial asthma, however till now It has not been reported that Kovid-19 triggers bronchial asthma. It can be crucial that sufferers with bronchial asthma don’t interrupt their advisable respiratory corticosteroid-containing medication in their therapy. It has been reported that taking these medication doesn’t have a detrimental impact on their immune system and doesn’t pose a danger for Kovid-19. In any other case, management of the illness in case of drug disruptions It deteriorates and bronchial asthma assaults happen. Then it may be essential to administer systemic cortisone medication. It isn’t advisable to make use of these medication for a very long time, as they improve the danger of infection by suppressing the immune system.”

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