In Florida, a man tried to throw the alligator onto the roof of a bar.

The incident, which passed off in the US state of Florida, astonished those that noticed it.

Stealing an alligator on the golf course, Hodge grabbed the tail and tried to throw the animal, which he had hit on the floor, onto the roof of a one-story bar.


Hogde, who was caught and brought into custody by the police throughout the incident, was requested why he took such an motion. “I needed to educate him a lesson” he replied.

A man tried to throw an alligator on the roof of a bar in Florida #1


Hodge was detained on costs of harming animals, breaking into an empty home and committing petty thefts, whereas the injured alligator is reportedly being handled.

A man tried to throw an alligator on the roof of a bar in Florida #2

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