Humpback whale spit out diver in the USA

Michael Packard (56), diving for lobster in Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA, was briefly in the mouth of a humpback whale.

Packard was saved from being bait after staying in the whale’s mouth for about 30 seconds, when it got here to the floor and spit out itself.


Packard, in a press release relating to the extraordinary occasion he skilled, “I had dived about 13 meters and abruptly I felt an enormous jolt, all the things went black. I noticed I might transfer. At first I believed it was a shark chew, however I had no tooth round me and I had no ache. Then I noticed I used to be inside a whale’s mouth.” used the phrase.

Stating that the whale tried to swallow it and thought it might die, Packard stated that after about 30 seconds, the whale abruptly got here to the floor and shook its head and threw itself out of its mouth.


Stating that he couldn’t consider that he was saved from being eaten by the whale, Packard stated that he was taken out of the sea by his teammates and brought to the hospital, and that his physique was in one piece however bruised.

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Biologist Jooke Robbins, on the different hand, stated that this stunning occasion was probably an accident, and whales don’t usually behave like this.

Emphasizing that humpback whales are attempting to gather giant quantities of meals and they don’t see all the things whereas doing this, Robbins famous that though the whales’ mouths are giant, their throats are usually not extensive sufficient for a human to suit in, and the likelihood of swallowing the diver Packard is low.

Humpback whale in the USA spat the diver he took into his mouth #2

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