How to Wear High Heels Comfortably

If you’ve ever had to put on excessive heels all day lengthy, you most likely know that it’s not that straightforward — standing or strolling in these footwear for a lengthy interval of time would possibly lead to blisters, numbness, swelling, and even ache in your toes. gives you some ideas to make carrying excessive heels extra comfy.

1. Select your footwear correctly.

Have a look at your shoe from the side and test the location of the heel:

⛔ If the heel is situated nearer to the surface or comes straight down alongside the again of the shoe, it will put all of the strain on the entrance of your foot.

✅ If the heel is positioned nearer to the within and barely curved beneath, the strain on your foot will likely be distributed extra evenly.

Listen to the thickness of the heel:

⛔ Extremely-skinny heels may be uncomfortable and exhausting to steadiness on.

✅ Thicker heels will likely be extra comfy, as they permit you to distribute weight extra evenly and create much less strain on the entrance of your foot.

Search for footwear with buckles and straps:

⛔ With out them, it could possibly be troublesome for you to preserve your balance in your footwear.

Straps and buckles will let your heels suit your toes higher and keep away from pointless rubbing and irritation that may trigger blisters.

Look the place the vamp (the realm the place your toes sit) is situated:

⛔ It shouldn’t reduce throughout or close to the realm the place you have a tendency to have a bump.

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✅ Select the footwear with a vamp that’s lengthy sufficient to cowl your bump space.

2. Use silicone inserts.

✅ Place silicone gel inserts, designed particularly for heels, inside your footwear to shield your toes from slipping and placing an excessive amount of pressure on the balls of your toes.

3. Tape your toes.

✅ Tape your third and fourth toes collectively to take the pressure off the balls of your toes and stop ache.

4. Stop friction.

✅ Take clear deodorant and roll a few of it beneath the straps, and the areas across the toes and heels to forestall friction and irritation.

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