How to understand prominent ear, can it be fixed? How is prominent ear surgery (Otoplasty) performed?

As well as to being one of the vital vital sense organs of our physique, our ears even have an vital place by way of aesthetics of the physique.

The obvious deformity seen within the ears is the aesthetic drawback, also referred to as prominent ears among the many folks. The prominent ear drawback can turn out to be an enormous drawback in any interval, no matter childhood and maturity.

Those that are disturbed by this case, how to understand the prominent ear, can it be fastened? explores questions resembling Right here is the curious details about prominent ear surgery otoplasty.


Prominent ear is an issue brought on by the inadequate growth of the Y-shaped cartilage fold within the prominent protruding a part of the ear.

For the reason that cartilage tissue can’t develop sufficiently, the angle between the cranium and the cranium widens and the ear protrusion begins to bend ahead. Consequently, the ears seem open at a wider angle.

Beneath regular situations, an ear has a size of 6.5 cm and a width of three.5 cm.

The angle between the ear and the top is usually an angle of 30 levels. The truth that bigger angles seem in comparison to these given values ​​signifies that there is a prominent ear drawback.

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The one interval by which the ear can be corrected with out surgery is the neonatal interval. Ears, that are fairly versatile relying on the estrogen hormones handed from the mom, can be formed with varied bandages and molds throughout this era.

An answer is additionally doable with prominent ear surgery. Reshaping is completed by contemplating the aesthetic proportions. Anatomical landmarks are reconstructed, the form of the ear cartilage and its angle with the top are re-adjusted.

How to understand prominent ear, can it be fixed?  How is prominent ear surgery (Otoplasty) performed?  #2nd


Otoplasty is a way of eradicating exterior ear construction defects in kids and adults, typically referred to as prominent ears, by way of plastic surgery.

In adults, it is carried out with the native anesthesia technique, the place solely the working space is anesthetized. Normal anesthesia is utilized in kids aged 6-12 years.

It is often completed by making an incision behind the ear and eradicating some pores and skin. Nonetheless, varied everlasting sutures, half elimination or weakening strategies are used from the cartilage sections to the sections which might be desired to be formed.

For the reason that surgical scar of the prominent ear is behind the ear and in an nearly invisible space, it can be stated that virtually no seen scar will stay.

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How to understand prominent ear, can it be fixed?  How is prominent ear surgery (Otoplasty) performed?  #3

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