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How to make the best coffee? :

Are you one of those who cannot start the day without coffee? Then how to make good coffee you need to know. As team, according to Caffè Nero’s expert team, which makes great coffee without a machine and leaves unforgettable flavors on the palate, good coffee It is evident from its color and consistency. The benefits of coffee, which is a natural antioxidant and reduces stress, are countless. Here is from the Caffè Nero team how to make good coffee Answers to the question…

Making coffee takes care

  • Baristas ensure that 15 grams of ground coffee is poured from the machine into the cup in 15-18 seconds in order to prepare the delicious coffees of Caffè Nero.
  • Coffee specialist Maestros check the coffee at least twice a day and keep the compliance report.
  • Thus, the Baristas, who consider making coffee as an art in Caffè Nero, come out with artisan and very delicious coffees.


Good espresso color is clear

  • A good espresso has a flow and consistency like honey.
  • The color of the espresso cream should be golden yellow.
  • Its cream should have a perfect texture. Brown sugar can be used to test the perfection of the cream. Brown sugar should remain on the cream for 2-3 seconds.
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Beautify by drinking coffee

The benefits of coffee do not end with counting:

  • It has a stress-reducing and attention-increasing effect.
  • Thanks to its fat burning feature, it is the enemy of the fats in your body.
  • Being a natural antioxidant, coffee is especially important for your skin health.
  • It increases the effect of pain relievers.
  • It plays a supporting role for the lungs and liver.


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