How to make a ponytail hairstyle? :

Horse tail hairstyle is very trendy this year as it is every year! Especially in hot weather You can easily make ponytails at home, which makes us more comfortable. As the ”team, we tell you how to make a great looking ponytail.

How to make a ponytail?

Blow dry your hair straight, but twist the ends in or out to add curls. Take a lock from the front of your hair and comb the part that will come in when you gather it in the opposite direction with a fine-tipped comb. Do this according to your own eyesight, throw back this tangled part and smooth it slightly with the help of a brush. If you have frizz in your hair, separate them at the front and trim them with a brush at the last step.

Add your underlying hair to the part you have raised so that it is gathered above. After attaching the ponytail you have made with a rubber buckle, you can secure it with a comb buckle so that the upper part does not fall apart. While doing this, take care that the comb buckle and rubber are not visible and separate a small strand of hair from the bottom.

Wrap the hair you have separated at the bottom so that the rubber clasp is completely closed where you gathered your ponytail and fix it with the help of a very small buckle. Finally, use the hairspray to ensure that your hair does not become hard and deformed.

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Click on the photos to scroll through the pages to see the ponytail models preferred by celebrities!

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