How to Make a DIY Pompom

Listed here are 4 easy and fast methods to make a pompom your self.
Artful individuals have been utilizing pompons for creating fluffy rugs, adorning interiors, and different gadgets for a very long time.
It’s not troublesome to make a pompom, and the directions from will make this course of even simpler than you anticipated.

A pompom fabricated from thread on a cardboard billet

You’ll want:

  • A piece of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Thread
How to do it:

1. Determine on what measurement pompon you’d like to make, then draw 2 similar circles on a piece of cardboard. The larger your circles are, the larger your pompom will be.

2. Make holes in the middle of the circles.

3. Place the circles collectively and begin winding yarn round them, passing the thread via the inside circle.

4. Wrap the billets with thread, distributing them evenly over the floor of the cardboard circles. The tighter the winding is, the extra elastic the pompom will be.

5. Rigorously unfold the thread strands and make a lower between the billets in one place.

6. Absolutely lower the thread between the billets, holding the yarn with one hand.

7. Reduce off a separate piece of thread from the roll of yarn and place it between cardboard circles. Tighten and tie the thread with a number of knots.
8. Rigorously take away the cardboard billets and fluff the pompom.

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9. Even the ball out with scissors.

A small pompom on a fork

You’ll want:

  • Thread (go for thicker sorts, like yarn)
  • A fork
  • Scissors
How to do it:

1. Wrap the yarn across the fork in loops that aren’t too tight. The extra loops you make, the tighter your pompom will be. Reduce off the thread whenever you end the winding course of.

2. Reduce off a small piece of thread from the yarn roll and wrap it across the middle of the skein that you simply made, and safe it with a number of knots. Don’t lower off the thread after securing it if you need to make a pompom with a loop.
3. Reduce the loops that appeared on each side after tightening its middle.

4. Fluff the pompom that you simply acquired and even out the protruding strands with scissors.

Life hack: If you want a small pompom, you possibly can wind the thread not on 4 however on 3 or 2 fork legs. If you want a greater pompom, you possibly can wind the thread on your hand as a substitute of the fork.

Pompoms on a chair

If you want to make a number of similar pompoms, this methodology will work completely.

You’ll want:

  • A chair
  • A ball of yarn
  • Scissors
How to do it:

1. Flip the chair the other way up. Take the yarn and begin to evenly and tightly wrap it round 2 neighboring chair legs.


2. Make the mandatory quantity of wraps and maintain in thoughts that the extra thread you employ in the wrapping, the fluffier your pompoms will be.

3. Unfold the winding into a number of equal elements with out eradicating them from the chair. Tighten every half with a piece of yarn and safe it with a knot.

Life hack: If it’s vital for you to get completely similar pompoms, you possibly can pre-mark the winding utilizing a measuring tape and a marker.

4. Reduce the thread between the secured elements.

An vital word: Attempt to make your cuts proper in the middle in order to get even pompoms.

5. Fluff the pompoms and lower off the protruding strands.

Pompoms fabricated from tulle

You’ll want:

  • A small piece of tulle
  • Scissors
  • A piece of cardboard
  • A satin ribbon
How to do it:

1. Draw 2 similar circles on a cardboard piece and lower them out by the contour.

2. Put the circles collectively and make a gap in the middle.

3. Reduce the tulle into strips as broad as 4 inches to 8 inches. Wrap every strip across the cardboard billet, letting the material via the outlet contained in the cardboard.
4. Evenly unfold the winding across the cardboard circles, then lower the material between them.

5. Reduce off a piece of a satin ribbon and tighten the tulle with it, inserting the ribbon between cardboard billets. Safe the ribbon with 2 knots. Take away the cardboard circles.

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