How to Choose a Peel for Your Face

Your pores and skin regenerates roughly each 30 days — new cells, which push the outdated ones to the floor, are shaped in the center layer. Nevertheless, generally useless cells aren’t eliminated fully and accumulate collectively. This leads to flaky pores and skin, dry spots, and clogged pores. The great factor is that peeling helps take away useless cells from the pores and skin’s floor. For that, you need to use mechanical or chemical merchandise. is telling you what forms of peels can be found to you and sharing how to select the correct product for your pores and skin sort.

The guidelines in the article are normal. We advocate that you simply seek the advice of with a cosmetologist to discover out your pores and skin sort and select the correct peel.

Brushes, sponges, and gloves for peels

Brushes, sponges, and gloves for peels associated to mechanical peeling merchandise:

  • A brush is fabricated from comfortable bristles that assist take away useless pores and skin cells from the face and physique. Exfoliation with a brush may be completed both dry or with a cleaning product, resembling foam or gel.
  • A sponge is principally softer than a brush and is appropriate for light exfoliation of the pores and skin. A foam or a gel is usually utilized to the sponge, and the pores and skin is gently rubbed with it.
  • Gloves are most frequently used for physique peels. However you too can use them to exfoliate the facial pores and skin if, for some purpose, a brush or a sponge turned out to be inconvenient for you. A cleaning agent is utilized to the gloves and the pores and skin is gently rubbed with it.

✅ That is appropriate for regular, oily, and mixture pores and skin.

❌ That is not advisable for dry and delicate pores and skin.


scrub is a liquid beauty product with a grainy texture. It is achieved with the assistance of stable particles in its composition that exfoliate the pores and skin. When utilized to the pores and skin, it removes useless cells and makes the pores and skin’s floor smoother.

Be cautious when selecting scrubs and keep away from ones that comprise tough stable particles, such as coarse salt, sugar, crushed apricot pits, and different floor grains. As an alternative, give desire to scrubs with comfortable, spherical granules. They softly exfoliate the pores and skin and assist you to keep away from irritation.

✅ That is appropriate for regular, oily, and mixture skin.

❌ That is not advisable for dry and delicate pores and skin.

Acid peels (AHA-acids)

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are plant-based components that dissolve useless cells and take away them from the floor of the pores and skin. Acids are associated to the merchandise of chemical peels, which may be used each at residence or in a salon.

Acids, resembling glycolic, citric, malic, and lactic, are a a part of the AHA-acid group. They possess a delicate exfoliating impact, whereas the lactic acid is additionally moisturizing. That’s why they’re advisable for dry and regular pores and skin varieties.

AHA-acids may be used individually or in a complicated. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to begin with merchandise that comprise just one AHA-acid in order to perceive how your pores and skin reacts to this product. If all the things is good, you possibly can attempt a complicated of AHA-acids.


✅ That is appropriate for dry and regular skin.

Acid peels (BHA-acids)

Similar to AHA-acids, beta hydroxy acids (BHA) relate to the merchandise of chemical peels. Salicylic acid is the preferred for beauty functions. It deeply exfoliates the pores and skin, dissolves sebum, and unclogs clogged pores. It helps to scale back irritation frequent in oily to mixture pores and skin.

✅ That is appropriate for oily and mixture skin.

❌ That is not advisable for regular, dry, and delicate pores and skin.

Enzyme peels

Enzyme peels additionally relate to chemical ones and comprise fruit enzymes that lightly take away useless pores and skin cells. Not like acids, enzymes don’t stimulate cell renewal and, subsequently, are appropriate for these with delicate pores and skin.

Enzyme peels use papaya and pineapple ferments. They’re indicated in the composition of these merchandise beneath the names papain and bromelain, respectively.

✅ That is appropriate for all pores and skin varieties, particularly delicate pores and skin.

The frequency of use

The frequency of peels will depend on the type of the skin:

  • For delicate pores and skin, it’s optimum to do peels 1-2 instances a week.
  • For regular and mixture pores and skin, peels may be used up to 3 instances a week.
  • For greasy pores and skin, use peels up to 5 instances a week.
  • For dry pores and skin, use peels no greater than as soon as a week.

These are conditional suggestions. Make your determination based mostly on the situation of your pores and skin after the procedures. If it nonetheless seems to be boring and your pores are clogged, it could also be value rising the frequency of exfoliation. However, on the opposite, if you see clear modifications, stick to the advisable frequency or scale back it.


Security measures

  • Apply the merchandise rigorously, and strictly observe the instructions on the package deal. Don’t press or rub your pores and skin too arduous, particularly if you’re utilizing mechanical peel merchandise.

  • Don’t use exfoliators if you have got open wounds or burned pores and skin.
  • Peeling can dry your pores and skin, which is why it’s best to make certain to apply moisturizing cream after every process to hold issues wholesome and moisturized.
  • Peeling will increase the sensitivity of the pores and skin, so it’s recommended to use sunscreen afterward.
  • Use peeling merchandise very carefully if you have got pimples, rosacea, or different pores and skin circumstances. Ideally, seek the advice of a dermatologist and take a look at any product for potential allergic reactions earlier than utilizing it. To do this, apply a small quantity to the pores and skin at the within bend of the elbow.
  • Stop utilizing a peel if you discover that your pores and skin turns purple, will get infected, begins to peel off, or will get irritated.
  • Refuse a peel if you’re taking medication or are utilizing a therapy for pimples, resembling retinol or benzoyl peroxide. This could worsen the pores and skin’s situation and lead to rashes.
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