How To Care Of Hands And Feet

How are hands and feet taken care of? How should hands and feet be looked after? What should be considered in hand and foot care?
Hand and foot care It is especially a care that worries 90% of women. Women especially attach great importance to hand care. Of course there are many men who care about the care of their hands and feet.
However, women pay more attention to this issue.

In order for the fingernails and toenails to be resistant to free radicals and to look beautiful, great care must be taken in their care. Pedicure should be given great importance to have well-groomed feet and nails in sandals that are used continuously in summer. PedicureIt is suitable to be done every 4 weeks at normal hours.

However, in the summer months, as the feet need more care, it is recommended to be done every 3 weeks in the summer. So, “When should I have a pedicure?” To the question. The answer experts usually give to this question is “do it right after a long, warm shower.” I suggest doing it after shower
The most important reason is that the hands and nails are soaked in soapy water for a while before pedicure.

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Foot Care [Pedikür]

Experts emphasize that pedicure should be given great importance to keep the feet and nails well-groomed in sandals preferred over shoes in summer.
One of the points that foot pedicure experts draw attention to is that the feet and nails are kept in soapy water for a while after the nail polish has been thoroughly cleaned.
Experts claim this soaking time in soapy water is 10 minutes. Another method for healthy and well-groomed nails is not to cut your nails right at the bottom.

The main reason for this is that the nails do not get infected in places such as sea and beach. Another thing experts say about nail cutting is that nails are not round.
should be cut straight. Experts emphasize that nails should not be cut under the flesh, otherwise the nail may become infected.
Says. Other points highlighted by experts in foot care;

Massage your feet
Soak your aching ankles in warm water for a while..
Immediately after the foot pedicure is finished, apply a conditioning cream to the entire foot..

Experts say that especially those who walk a lot during the day should rest their feet;

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”Fill a bowl or bucket with warm or hot water, add salt water and let it melt. Rest your feet in this water for 15 minutes. ”

Hand, foot and nail care Here are some ways to do this yourself at home;

– Put olive oil in a bowl before going to bed at night. Soak your hands in that bowl for 10 minutes before going to bed.
Put sesame oil and lemon in a bowl. After mixing it well, apply this mixture on your nails. This mixture will strengthen your nails.
Pour some powder with sesame and peppermint oil in warm water and rub the mixture on the legs and feet thoroughly.

Healthy and well-groomed days …

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