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How should hairstyles be according to your face shape? :

Our hair is one of our most important accessories. If we can hide the areas we do not like with the right clothes, it is possible to show our face as we want with our hairstyle. The important thing here is to decide the right face shape and choose the most suitable model for it. As team, we give you savior advice about hair styles according to face shape.

To look great at any moment, you need to decide on the hairstyle according to the face shape. You can find the hair model that will suit you best with our special suggestions for every face shape.

Hairstyle for oval face shape

We can say the luckiest face type. Almost any hairstyle is suitable for oval face. However, oval faces have 1-2 points to watch out for. Instead of closing your facial features, the stubby hair that reveals the shape of your face will make you feel and look better.

Hairstyle for square face shape

The most striking part of the square face is the angular chin. If you have a square face, you should go for bob-style straight hair or layered cuts to soften your angular chin. Shoulder-length asymmetrical hair may also be suitable for you. You can use round bangs to show your face oval.

Hairstyle for round face shape

The priority of round faces should be to make the face look longer and thinner. For this, you can separate your hair in the middle. It is also possible to make your face look longer by adding volume to the upper parts of your hair. Long natural wavesLayered hair starting from the chin, long bangs falling on the cheekbones also help your face to look thin.

Hairstyle for long face shape

If you have a long and wide face, curly and wavy hair will help your face look oval. You should stay away from long, straight and short cut models. Straight to show your face shorter bangs Or you can try side-swept bangs.

Hairstyle according to triangular face shape

If you have a triangular face, you should choose models that will bring your narrow chin closer to the ovale. For this, it would be correct to add volume to the ends of the hair. Waving the ends of the hair also helps you to have a more proportional appearance. If you prefer short hair, you can use models with short back and long front.

Hairstyle according to heart face shape

If you have a heart face shape, you should balance the width of your forehead and the slimness of your chin. For this, it is the most suitable method to volume the hair ends from the side of the chin and the hair ends.

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