How Old Is Harry Styles, What Is His Weight And Height? Where Is Harry Styles, Who Is Spouse?

Short Life (Biography)

He was born in England in 1994. His parents divorced when Harry was only 7 years old. He debuted with the X-Factor competition in 2010. It caught the eye of Simon Cowell, one of the jury members of the competition. He named the group himself.

Full name: Harry edward styles

Age and Date of Birth: 23 (February 1, 1994)

Length in meters: 1.83 m

Height in Centimeters: 183 cm

Weight: 74

Whence: England

Past Boyfriends: Caroline Flack, Felicity Skinner, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner

New Boyfriend: Erin Foster (Rumor): American comedian spotted on Halloween shopping with writer and actress Erin Foster.

The Color of Your Eyes: Green

Hair Color: Dark brown

Sun Sign: Aquarius


Color: Blue and Orange

TV Series – Family Guy

Food – Corn

Album – Adele ”21”

Drink – Apple Juice

Animal – Turtle

Source: TheHitsRadio

Important notes:

– His middle name is Edward.

– Youngest member of the One Direction group.

– The first song Harry memorized was Elvis Presley’s song “My Best Friend Of Girl”.

– He wanted to be a lawyer, he became famous with the x factor competition.

– He is a big fan of the Manchester United team.

– He hates olives and beets.

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– He has tattoos on his left arm.

– His mother’s name is “Anne Cox” and his father’s name is “Des Styles”.

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