Houthis attack military base in Yemen: 30 dead 106 injured

In a written assertion, Yemeni Well being Minister Kasım Buheybih mentioned that 30 troopers have been killed and 106 troopers have been injured in the missile attack launched by the Houthis on Al-Anad Military Base. Buheybih acknowledged that a few of the injured have been in critical situation.


The Iranian-backed Houthis attacked the Al-Anad military base in Lahj province in the south of the nation with missiles yesterday morning. In line with the primary determinations, it was acknowledged that 30 troopers misplaced their lives and 60 troopers have been injured in the attack.

The Yemeni Minister of Well being, Buhaybih, had instructed all state hospitals in the provinces of Lahj and Aden to take the injured on account of the attack on the Al-Anad Military Base.

Alternatively, Al-Anad Air Base is named the biggest military base in the nation.

The Houthis attacked the military base in Yemen: 30 dead 106 injured #2

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