Higher risk of macular degeneration in women

It’s estimated that 30 million individuals in the world are affected by macular degeneration, a retinal illness characterised by the deterioration of the area of the attention referred to as the macula.

It’s identified that century-old spot illness, which ranks third amongst eye illnesses that consequence in imaginative and prescient loss, largely impacts individuals over 50 years of age. It’s estimated that the persistent and progressive illness will create a extra critical scientific image in an surroundings the place the common life expectancy in the world and in Turkey is predicted to extend additional.

Stating that early analysis, therapy and common management in macular degeneration are crucial in phrases of defending and enhancing imaginative and prescient. Ophthalmologist Op. Dr. Birtan Öztürk, macular degeneration defined the causes, precautions to be taken and therapy strategies.


The macula is the area on the again of the attention, situated in the middle of the retina, chargeable for the attention’s detailed, central and coloration imaginative and prescient, and ninety % of visible acuity. Safety of the macula is crucial aim of therapy in eye illnesses.

There are two varieties of macular degeneration, dry and moist. The primary is the dry kind, the commonest type of the illness, which ends up in gradual however progressive visible impairment, 85-90 % of whom are of this sort.


Age kind is a extra critical type of the illness and progresses quickly. This illness is the principle trigger of imaginative and prescient loss in outdated age and is seen in about 10-15 % of sufferers. It’s brought on by the irregular improvement of blood vessels on the again of the attention. Leakage of blood and fluid from these vessels into the macula may end up in loss of central imaginative and prescient. When taking a look at objects in far and close to imaginative and prescient, it reveals variations in the picture similar to enlargement, shrinkage and distortion.

Women at higher risk of macular degeneration #2


The frequency of yellow spot illness will increase in parallel with advancing age. Yellow spot illness is seen in 15 % of individuals aged 65-74, 25 % of individuals aged 75-84, and 30 % of individuals aged 85 and over. One out of each three individuals over the age of 75 has macular degeneration.

{People} with a household historical past of macular degeneration are at increased risk of growing this illness. Cigarette smoking, vitamin deficiency, risk of imaginative and prescient loss as a result of macular degeneration of white race is increased than black race.

Women are at better risk for macular degeneration than males of the identical age. Dangers similar to light-colored eyes, diabetes, ldl cholesterol, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart enlargement. Medical research present that there’s a hyperlink between the development of early and intermediate stage macular degeneration to the superior stage and weight problems.

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To guard in opposition to yellow spot illness, 100% ultraviolet safety sun shades needs to be used from an early age. In case you are 50 years or older, it will likely be significant to go to eye examination frequently and particularly to be examined in phrases of the macula.

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