Here’s Why You Can’t Compare The Extremely Rare J&J Vaccine Blood Clots To Ones Linked To Birth Control

With the information that the CDC and FDA have referred to as for pausing the rollout of Johnson & Johnson’s single-injection COVID-19 vaccine resulting from extraordinarily uncommon circumstances of blood clots, some have been drawing comparisons to the blood clot threat from hormonal contraception.

However whereas the Tablet is thought to extend threat for blood clots, three medical doctors who spoke with Information mentioned these are two very completely different situations.

“It’s not solely not apples to apples, it’s mainly apples to papayas. It’s fully completely different,” mentioned Hanny al-Samkari, an assistant professor of medication at Harvard Medical College and a hematologist and scientific investigator at Massachusetts Normal Hospital. “Sure, they each could cause clots — identical to apples and papayas are each fruits — however the mechanisms are completely completely different.”

On Tuesday, the pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was really useful after six girls between the ages of 18 and 48 developed a uncommon kind of blood clot inside 13 days of receiving the vaccine. One girl died and one other is in important care, in line with the FDA. However roughly 6.85 million doses of the vaccine had been delivered within the US as of April 13, which means the complication seems to have an effect on fewer than 1 in 1,000,000 recipients.

These extraordinarily uncommon blood clots are of a extreme variety that seem to considerably elevate the chance of a stroke. Al-Samkari famous that the important thing attribute of those clots is a drop in blood platelet counts. Crucially, not like different blood clots, the blood-thinning medicine heparin is a harmful therapy for sufferers with these clots.

The uncommon clotting seems to be just like what’s been seen in roughly 1 in 100,000 sufferers who obtained the AstraZeneca vaccine, which makes use of the identical know-how to immunize individuals in opposition to the illness attributable to the coronavirus. The Pfizer and Moderna pictures, that are additionally licensed within the US, use a distinct method and haven’t resulted in any experiences of blood clots, in line with the FDA.

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Whereas the clotting threat seems to be extraordinarily low with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a flurry of tweets has in contrast it to the chance of blood clots from hormonal contraception tablets. In line with the FDA, for each 10,000 girls taking the Tablet in a given yr, between 3 and 9 will develop a blood clot, in comparison with between 1 and 5 girls who’re neither taking the Tablet nor are pregnant.

However, crucially, it is not the identical clotting as that skilled by some with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“They may not be extra completely different once we speak concerning the underlying mechanism,” mentioned al-Samkari.

The typical blood clot linked to contraception is known as deep vein thrombosis, a clot that develops within the leg however can break off and journey to the lungs. These are often handled with blood thinners.

Federal well being officers on Tuesday mentioned a part of the intent of the pause is to wave off that typical therapy in sufferers who obtained the Johnson & Johnson shot as a result of it’s ineffective on the linked blood clots. “This [pause] is essential to make sure that the well being care supplier neighborhood is conscious of the potential for these antagonistic occasions and may plan because of the distinctive therapy required with any such blood clot,” the FDA mentioned.

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Jeff Weitz, a thrombosis skilled and professor at McMaster College in Ontario, Canada, mentioned one other distinction between the kinds of clotting was that somebody with an underlying hereditary situation who takes the Tablet may be extra in danger for clotting.

The FDA has famous that though the six girls within the US who had critical clots after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had been of reproductive age, no recognized proof hyperlinks contraception use to an elevated threat of a blood clot attributable to this explicit shot.

In line with info introduced by the CDC on Wednesday, one of many six girls was taking a mixture contraception capsule, and none had been pregnant or postpartum.

Based mostly on these six circumstances, the chance of a blood clot challenge from the vaccine stays a lot decrease than that from taking hormonal contraception.

That has some individuals questioning why there’s been a lot concern over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine when so many hundreds of thousands of individuals take hormonal contraception on daily basis. The motive is that vaccines, particularly for pictures newly licensed on an emergency foundation, have a better security requirement than different medicines which have lengthy been in use.

“That is a part of the sturdy monitoring system that now we have in the USA,” mentioned Jennifer Lighter, an infectious ailments specialist and hospital epidemiologist at NYU Langone Well being. “This can be a good factor that we take critical antagonistic results very severely, and we pause and examine. That’s what you need in a rustic that rolls out a brand new vaccine or medicine.”

Lighter identified that the chance of dying from COVID-19 — greater than 563,000 deaths within the US have been attributed to the illness — stays a lot larger than any threat of deadly problems after receiving a vaccine of any kind.

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Al-Samkari mentioned anybody who has obtained the Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca vaccine, significantly younger girls, ought to speak to a physician in the event that they “begin creating any vital, extreme untoward symptom.” He mentioned signs like extreme headache, sharp leg pains, or modifications to the senses or nervous system that come on out of the blue must be checked out.

“If it’s uncommon and it’s out of the blue and it’s extreme and it doesn’t go away, that’s if you wish to see your physician and get it evaluated instantly,” he mentioned. ({People} who had the shot a month in the past are within the clear, federal well being officers famous, as a result of signs would have developed by now. The concern is mainly amongst individuals who acquired the shot inside the previous few weeks.)

Al-Samkari added that the precautions taken by regulators should not scare individuals or make them hesitant to get vaccinated — fairly the other.

“The fundamental message I inform individuals after seeing that is this could make everybody really feel very snug,” he mentioned. “If one thing was taking place doubtlessly associated to a vaccination and our regulators had been ignoring it or waving it off, that will be the hazard place, that will be meals for the anti-vaxxers. Issues are taking place simply precisely as we wish them to.”

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