Health tips for Ramadan

The difficulty of style or well being in meals has been mentioned for a few years, however it’s attainable to make each scrumptious and wholesome meals by being attentive to some fundamental guidelines.

Emphasizing that with the start of Ramadan, it is very important put together the meals in accordance with well being on the tables which are ready extra rigorously. Gastronomy Division Lect. See. Merve Iseri, TNoting that Turkish delicacies is dwelling to many scrumptious dishes attributable to its variety, he shared the commonest errors in Turkish delicacies in cooking and the tips of cooking wholesome meals particular for Ramadan.


Particularly when meals containing self-oil, equivalent to meatballs and meat, are cooked in a non-stick pan, there isn’t any want so as to add oil once more. Preheat your pan effectively in order that it doesn’t stick and on the similar time doesn’t launch an excessive amount of water, after which add the meals.

Decide for oven-frying somewhat than deep-frying. Whereas deep frying the meals, the meals thrown into the oil lowers the temperature and causes the meals to soak up oil. On the similar time, it has been decided that unsaturated fats decreases and trans fat improve in oil uncovered to excessive warmth. This causes meals to soak up a extra unhealthy fatty acid that has misplaced its properties. When you fry the meals coated with 1-2 tablespoons of oil within the oven, a lot much less oil absorption will happen and a more healthy various will probably be realized with out sacrificing the style.

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Health tips for Ramadan #2


For a lot of baked items, oiling the baking dish is without doubt one of the largest habits. The usage of baking paper is a really helpful methodology to cut back using oil. The baking paper you chop and place in your container is appropriate for contact with meals and prevents the product from sticking to the container.

The usage of cream must also be prevented. Particularly lately, it’s noticed that using cream has elevated so much. The usage of heavy cream can invite many illnesses, in addition to set off weight acquire. Alternate options equivalent to milk, yoghurt and milk combination, ayran as an alternative of cream can be utilized particularly in salty dishes. A small starchy potato might be most popular as an alternative of cream in soups.

One of many largest well being issues is digestive issues. With the intention to forestall digestive issues, select merchandise with excessive fiber content material, particularly within the grain group. Along with merchandise equivalent to entire wheat bulgur, pasta and rice, prepare dinner with entire wheat flour as an alternative of white flour. Merchandise obtained from heirloom seeds have the next protein and fiber ratio, and a decrease calorie and gluten ratio. The meals you’ll put together with these merchandise will probably be more healthy options.

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The usage of salt brings with it many well being issues. Because of the growing well being issues in our nation, the place using salt is intense, well being professionals suggest lowering using salt. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that the meals is tasteless. With varied spices that can be utilized as an alternative of salt, very tasty dishes might be ready with much less salt. For instance, many spices equivalent to powdered garlic, onion, thyme, cumin, sumac cut back the necessity to add salt to the meals with the seasoning it provides to the dish.

Refined sugar must be decreased and sugar syrup must be prevented. Our desserts are among the many indispensables of our kitchen. When making desserts, steer clear of ready-made mixes. These comprise extra sugar than the physique wants and may spike blood sugar. Because of this, flip to pure sugar sources equivalent to fruit and milk. Refined sugar, specifically sucrose, is obtained by extraction from sugar beets. Due to the fiber and different vitamins present in pure sugar sources, its absorption within the physique is slower, it raises blood sugar at a slower fee and offers a sense of satiety for an extended time. On the similar time, the necessity for sugar might be decreased by including spices that improve the candy feeling, equivalent to cinnamon.

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Greens must be consumed with out boiling. Boiled greens launch many nutritional vitamins and minerals into the boiling water. A nutritious and ready-to-spill boiling water is of no use to the particular person consuming the vegetable. As a substitute, steam cooking might be performed or microwave oven luggage can be utilized to prepare dinner in a short while with the microwave methodology. Though the result’s precisely the identical, many nutrient losses are prevented and water consumption is decreased.

Vegetable and fruit consumption within the season is extra useful by way of dietary worth and vitamin consumption. In recent times, the liberty to entry many greens and fruits in each season attracts individuals. Nonetheless, the dietary values ​​of greens and fruits grown naturally of their season are a lot larger. On this approach, they grow to be rather more nutritious and scrumptious. When you take note of good agricultural practices and purchase protected greens and fruits, particularly in greens and fruits whose peel might be consumed, you’ll be able to safely eat them with their skins, so it is possible for you to to eat essentially the most vitamin elements.

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