Having a Brazilian Butt is Now Easy with Fat Injection!

Brazilian butt includes eradicating undesirable, extra fats from different elements of the physique via liposuction and putting it on the hips and buttocks. It helps to enhance the form, elevate the hip and aesthetically help the final proportions of the physique …

Utilizing oil injection expertise brazilian buttincludes transferring pure fats to the hips. Not like butt implants, physique fats feels pure and won’t change over time like most implants do. Brazilian butt elevate surgical procedure can present excellent beauty look and spectacular outcomes.

Is Fat Injection everlasting? If I haven’t got sufficient oil, what else can I do? Dr.Leyla Arvas replied!

We count on solely 50-70% of the injected oil to be everlasting, so extra injections are required initially to realize the specified ultimate consequence. Nevertheless, if a individual has a restricted quantity of fats, fats injections could be repeated 3-6 months after surgical procedure to realize the specified look. You are fortunate when you’ve got loads of fats to donate to the hips, this may not be crucial once more.


Dr.Leyla Arvas solutions; Yeah! fats cell fats injection It is everlasting when positioned on the hip with Nevertheless, solely a sure a part of the injected fats cells “stays”. I inform my sufferers to count on 70% of their fats cells to outlive after fats injection. This is the rationale why I at all times begin by including extra oil within the process to compensate for this truth. It is additionally actually necessary to be at a weight that you just love and might preserve. Should you acquire or drop extra pounds after your BBL process, it could negatively have an effect on your outcomes and your butt might deflate.

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The process itself is achieved beneath common anesthesia so you do not really feel something. Most sufferers don’t discover restoration painful. However you should have ache particularly within the areas the place liposuction is carried out. Your corset helps to cut back this discomfort. We’re a very sedentary society, so altering these habits could be tough. But it surely’s additionally higher for well being that the physique would not sit that a lot, so we at all times advise sufferers to embrace the primary two weeks after surgical procedure and use this as a time to create new, more healthy habits.

Having a Brazilian Butt is Now Easy with Fat Injection!  #2nd

What’s going to the restoration be like?

People who’ve undergone hip fats switch are of all ages. After the therapy, folks can have swelling and bruises. Swelling might final 4-6 weeks. The handled space might seem reddish for 48 hours. Usually, regular routines are restarted after 2 weeks. Dr. Leyla Arvas will present complete and customized therapeutic directions in addition to post-operative bracing and scar therapy choices.

Fat ejection to the hip process with BBL is carried out beneath common anesthesia within the hospital. If liposuction is carried out on giant areas, we ask you to remain within the hospital for 1 evening so that you could be monitored beneath skilled care. This makes the SURGICAL course of a lot safer. You possibly can count on bruising and swelling after your BBL surgical procedure. The primary few weeks after your BBL surgical procedure is finest to restrict the quantity of strain you set in your hips. Strive to not sit for half-hour to an hour at a time, and it is best to lie face down or in your aspect for the primary few weeks.

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