Greece does not deny that it is arming the islands

Greece does not deny that it is arming the islands

Claiming that Turkey is a menace to itself in the Aegean, Greece continues to defend its coverage of arming the Jap Aegean islands, regardless of the opposite provisions of the Lausanne and Paris agreements.

Greek politicians usually reply to Turkey’s demand for the safety of the demilitarized standing of the Jap Aegean Islands by claiming that Turkey is threatening Greece.

Greece admits to arming the islands

Greek Protection Minister Nikos Panayotopoulos, Turkey’s Greece “spy” In a press release he made many instances, claiming that he threatened him via his determination, “Threatened do not disarm.” used the phrases.

With these statements, Panayotopoulos confessed to his stance towards the worldwide agreements to which they’re a celebration.

“Are we going to lose their sovereignty”

Based on the information in AA, Panayotopulos, who argued that Greece is approaching the limits of persistence, in his speech at the GLOBSEC Safety Convention held in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, final week. “It is unusual that now we have an ally who is debating the disarmament of a few of our islands and says that if they’re not disarmed he’ll take them. Are we going to lose their sovereignty?” used the phrases.

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Dendias stated arming the islands is a proper of protection

Greek International Minister Nikos Dendias additionally made a press release in January 2022, “Turkey has positioned the largest amphibious pressure and the largest amphibious fleet in the Mediterranean towards our islands, and at the identical time asks us to disarm our islands.” He argued that Greece’s arming of the stated islands is the proper of self-defense.

Greece does not deny that it is arming the islands #1

There are Greek troopers on the islands.

Samdirek, Lemnos, Lesbos, Samos, Chios, Ipsara, Ahikeria, which have been imagined to be in non-military standing in line with the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne, and Batnoz, İleriye, Kelemez, Kos, Ileki, Kerpe, Symbeki, Rhodes and There are already Greek troopers in Meis.

Regardless of Turkey’s objections and treaty obligations, Greece continues to violate the demilitarized standing of the Aegean Islands by arming the islands since the Sixties.

On the different hand, whereas accepting the necessary jurisdiction of the Worldwide Courtroom of Justice in 1993, Greece made reservations to the necessary jurisdiction relating to issues arising from navy measures associated to “nationwide safety pursuits”. Whereas Greece aimed to stop a debate on the armament of the islands from going to the Worldwide Courtroom of Justice on this means, this case revealed that Athens tacitly accepted that Greece violated its treaty obligations.

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Greece rejects Turkey’s rhetoric

In a letter despatched to the UN in Might 2021, Greece said that Athens utterly rejected Turkey’s views on this problem.

In the letter, which does not include an evidence that Athens did not arm the islands in the Jap Aegean, “An try to query the sovereignty of Greece over these islands, based mostly on unfounded claims that Greece allegedly violated its obligation to disarm these islands in accordance with the aforementioned treaties, is opposite to the elementary rules of worldwide legislation.” assertion was included.

In the letter, arguing that Greek sovereignty over the islands had nothing to do with their disarmament, “It ought to be remembered that lately, Turkey has elevated its navy ammunition, most of which has been deployed in an offensive place towards the Greek islands, at an alarming charge.” declare was made.

Greece printed 16 maps to justify itself in the Aegean

In the official assertion made by the Greek Ministry of International Affairs, which included 16 maps ready by Greece, Turkey was accused of following a revisionist coverage. In the assertion, “Turkey’s theories on the disarmed standing of the Aegean Islands” The maps in query have been shared utilizing the expression.

Greece does not deny arming the islands #2

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