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Great snack: Truff recipe! :

Imagine that there is a truff recipe that is both very easy to make and has an incredible taste! This snack, which you can always consume with pleasure, can be addictive. ?


  • 2 baton pie or leftover cocoa cake
  • 1 200 ml. packet cream
  • 1 120 grams of cake chocolate
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa
  • Adequate amount of coconut


  1. We shred the cakes into a large glass bowl, then sprinkle the cocoa on it. We put the cream in the sauce pan and cook it on low heat, after heating, we break the cake chocolate and mix it slowly.
  2. We take the melted chocolate from the heat of the cream and mix it. We knead cakes that crumble when warm. At the end of the process, the dough will have a runny consistency. Optionally, you can add hazelnuts, raisins, walnuts to the dough or leave it plain.
  3. You can shape the ready dough right away, or you can let it cool a little in the refrigerator to shape it more easily.
  4. We cut the dough into small pieces, then find it in coconut and lay it on a plate. We can use truff paper if we wish, but if we do not, we can do it without paper. After shaping the materials (to the shape of a ball) we can dip a toothpick if we want, but if we are using paper it will not be necessary.
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Note: We do not necessarily have to dip it in coconut, we can dip it in chocolate and serve it this way if we wish.

As a last step, we leave the truffles to rest in the refrigerator. Afterwards, you can consume it with tea and coffee as you wish. Bon Appetit.

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