Getting rid of obesity prevents many diseases

Along with being a illness in itself, obesity can result in many illnesses or critical diseases. Cancers comparable to hypertension, diabetes (diabetes), ldl cholesterol, coronary heart diseases, sleep apnea, respiratory misery, knee ache, low again ache, muscle and joint ache, migraine, infertility, breast, bowel and ovarian cancers can happen as a consequence of obesity. Stating that obesity has extra critical penalties than anticipated, Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital Normal Surgical procedure and Obesity Surgical procedure Specialist Assoc. Dr. Uğur Ekici stated that with surgical remedy, diseases attributable to obesity could be eradicated to a big extent.


Ekici additionally gave details about obesity surgical procedures. “After we think about every type of obesity surgical procedures, the approximate success price is shut to one another. The speed of sufferers who fully recovered from hypertension and diabetes after surgical procedure is round 70%. The proportion of sufferers who return to remedy with tablets whereas utilizing insulin injections can also be fairly excessive. Gastric sleeve surgical procedure prevents diabetes and hypertension by 90 p.c in whole.” he stated.

Noting that after obesity remedy, there was enchancment in co-morbidities, Ekici stated: “Knee ache and excessive ldl cholesterol don’t proceed after surgical procedure as a consequence of weight reduction. Coronary heart diseases are additionally lowered as a result of lower in sugar, blood strain and ldl cholesterol. Kidney diseases are considerably lowered as a result of disappearance of diabetes. Now we have seen that sufferers with sleep apnea syndrome fully recovered from this illness after surgical procedure. When all diseases are thought of, the prospect of success is over 80%. With surgical remedy, diseases attributable to obesity are largely eradicated.”

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Ekici, who gave details about probably the most continuously used strategies within the remedy of obesity, outlined the diploma of obesity and the burden standing of the sufferers because the figuring out elements within the remedy methodology. In keeping with these values, a physique mass index of 20-25 is taken into account regular, 25-30 as chubby, 30-35 as overweight, and 35 and above as morbidly overweight.

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Stating that physique mass index values ​​are vital in the course of the remedy part, Assoc. Dr. Uğur Ekici stated that sufferers with a physique mass index over 35, with obesity and any co-morbidities, or with a physique mass index above 40 with none co-morbidities, are thought of appropriate for surgical remedy; He stated that chubby sufferers under this index had been handled with non-surgical endoscopic strategies.

Ekici said that gastric balloon remedy is a short-term process. “Probably the most utilized endoscopic strategies are gastric balloon and abdomen botox. Gastric balloon is a process utilized in 15-20 minutes. With the assistance of endoscopy, a balloon is distributed into the abdomen and inflated underneath delicate anesthesia and the amount of the abdomen is lowered. On this manner, it permits sufferers to eat much less and drop some weight on this course of. The impact of this methodology lasts for six months. There are additionally balloons which might be 1 yr previous. Since one-year balloons are appropriate for re-inflating, they are often inflated once more on the finish of the sixth month, and there’s no want for a brand new balloon to be inserted.” stated.

Ekici, who gave details about abdomen botox, “In abdomen botox, a drug that prevents the abdomen muscle mass from working is utilized to sure elements of the abdomen. This drug relaxes the muscle mass that enable the abdomen to contract and switch the contents to the intestines. On this manner, the meals within the abdomen stays for an extended time, decreasing the sensation of urge for food within the physique and giving a sense of satiety. Rest of the muscle mass, the frequency of consuming and the quantity of consuming will lower. Subsequently, the affected person feels much less hungry as a result of the emptying time of the abdomen is extended. It’s the similar drug as botox made for beauty functions.” he stated.

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