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Obsession, scientifically generally known as OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Dysfunction), is a psychological sickness. Obsessions on the degree of thoughts, concepts and impulses are known as obsessions, whereas obsessions on the degree of repetitive behaviors and psychological actions are known as compulsions. Beykent College Psychology Division Lecturer Pervin Nedim Bal shared essential info by stating that whereas obsession was uncommon prior to now, this illness has turn out to be fairly frequent in the present day.


Assoc. Dr. Honey, in response to analysis “The state of obsession has turn out to be obvious in 2-3 % of the society. Obsessions can happen at any age, together with younger childhood, however are extra frequent in adolescence (12–19 years) and younger maturity (20–30 years). Obsessions are seen greater in girls than in males, nonetheless, it’s seen at an earlier age in males than in girls.” made a press release.

Stating that whereas there are lots of frequent obsessions that differ from individual to individual resulting from numerous causes, Assoc. Dr. Honey, “The person experiencing this obsession thinks that completely different substances are contaminated along with his arms, physique, garments, residence and different environments, and subsequently he continuously cleans or washes with a purpose to get rid of this psychological misery.” he stated.

Assoc. Dr. Honey, “One other frequent obsession is management obsession. The person experiencing this obsession has excessive doubts, for instance, whether or not he leaves the range on when leaving the home, whether or not he locks the door or not, whether or not he pulls the iron out of {the electrical} outlet, and subsequently must test many times with a purpose to get rid of these mental issues and doubts. Additionally, the particular person is excessively apprehensive that they might lose management of themselves and hurt somebody, so that they attempt to hold instruments that would trigger hurt to another person away from their atmosphere. stated.

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Stating that the necessity for symmetry, order and counting obsessions are additionally frequent forms of obsessions, and the necessity for symmetry and the concept of ​​orderliness dominate the person’s entire life, Assoc. Dr. Honey, “Due to this fact, the person displays the conduct of arranging all of the objects round him and making certain that they’re symmetrical with a purpose to overcome this mental misery. People who’re obsessive about counting, however, suppose that if they do any every day exercise with out counting as much as a sure quantity, they suppose that their work is not going to be random, and subsequently they have interaction in counting conduct with a purpose to get rid of this mental misery. For instance, he says ‘God bless you’ 3 times when seeing off his spouse.” expressed as.

Stating that sufferers with contact obsession want to the touch ‘an merchandise they care about’ earlier than performing sure behaviors, Assoc. Dr. Honey, “A affected person with this obsession is apprehensive that he might face a detrimental occasion if he doesn’t contact the {photograph} of his useless grandmother earlier than going out on the road. Due to this fact, he returns residence from the bus cease and touches the {photograph} of his grandmother with a purpose to overcome this mental misery.” he stated. Lastly, along with frequent obsessions, he continued: “The obsession with hiding can be a standard kind of obsession. The particular person collects and hides even the gadgets that won’t be mandatory with the considered “could also be mandatory sooner or later”. If superstitions, obsessions with auspicious and unfortunate numbers and colours are so frequent and intense that they intrude with our every day life actions or restrict our every day features, then they’re thought-about on the illness degree.”

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Stating that there is no such thing as a particular opinion about the reason for the obsession on the illness degree, Assoc. Dr. Honey, “The truth that this illness is frequent within the affected person’s dad and mom and different first-degree kinfolk means that the illness could also be genetic. It’s also assumed that impaired mind features and Serotonin trigger obsession. The truth that people uncovered to childhood traumas (for instance, sexual abuse) expertise a big stress of their later lives and the obsession emerges instantly after, exhibits that the early childhood interval performs an essential function within the growth of obsession. One other assumption is persona traits. People with meticulous, prescriptive, detail-oriented and perfectionist persona traits are thought-about to be extra susceptible to obsession.” he stated.

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Assoc. Dr. Pervin Nedim Bal said that obsession is typically handled with treatment and psychotherapy, and generally solely with psychotherapy. Honey, “Cognitive behavioral therapies have an important place in each the remedy of the illness and the prevention of its recurrence. The intention of cognitive remedies is to cut back the notion of duty created by disturbing thoughts. After the identification of cognitive errors, these thoughts that aren’t practical sufficient are changed with extra practical and practical ones, thus lowering the notion of excessive duty. However, sufferers’ obsessive worrisome thoughts are extinguished, systematic desensitization, overflow, leisure and so on. It’s eradicated with numerous therapeutic methods and thus the person removes obsessive behaviors. In consequence, we suggest that people seek the advice of a psychologist or psychiatrist if obsessive thoughts and behaviors make it tough, prohibit or disrupt our every day life features, that’s, if the obsession is so extreme and intense.” stated.

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