German Bild newspaper: The weapon of hope Bayraktar

The navy operation launched by Russia towards Ukraine has been happening for 15 days.

As Russian troops advance on Ukrainian territory, Bayraktar TB2 armed unmanned aerial automobile (SİHA) stands out as one of the components that strengthen Ukraine’s hand in protection.

Whereas sizzling conflicts continued within the area, Bayraktar TB2’s profitable and efficient mission attracted the eye of many international locations.

The German Bild newspaper revealed an article praising Bayraktar TB2s.


Because the title, “Ukrainian protection depends on Turkish know-how. The Weapon of Hope Bayraktar” used.

It was additionally emphasised that TB2s destroyed Russian navy tools on three continents. It was reported that Bayraktar was capable of destroy the Russian-made Pantsir S-1 anti-aircraft system in Syria, Armenia and Libya, and it was identified that he destroyed many Russian navy tools in Ukraine.


Within the information, which identified that the impact of TB2 on the course of the conflict will not be but clear, “However Bayraktar provides hope to the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians even sing about Bayraktar, mocking the Russians.” statements had been included.


Within the information, which additionally contains technical particulars, Bayraktar, which has been used since 2015, can keep on the operational space for as much as 24 hours and might hearth precision-guided ammunition (between 2.5 kg and 37.5 kg) from right here, due to its flight altitude of greater than 7 kilometers. methods had been recorded.

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In Ukraine, a music was composed for Bayraktar VIDEO ARCHIVE

German Bild newspaper: The weapon of hope Bayraktar #2

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