Frozen embryo transfer increases the chance of pregnancy

Assoc. Dr. Nadiye Köroğlu said that frozen embryo transfer is most well-liked extra in IVF remedy.

Frozen embryo transfer has began to be utilized extra regularly as an alternative choice to contemporary embryo transfer. Research performed in recent times have revealed that hormone medicine used to develop eggs can negatively have an effect on the uterine wall and cut back the means of the embryo to connect to the uterus. So as to get rid of this unfavorable impact, it’s anticipated that the impact of the drug will disappear and the uterus will return to its pure state. With this technique, 5 to 10 p.c increased pregnancy charges are achieved in comparison with freshly transferred sufferers. Assoc. Dr. Nadiye Köroğlu made necessary statements about frozen embryo transfer, which is extra most well-liked in IVF remedy.

Frozen embryo transfer increases the chance of pregnancy #1

Probabilities of Pregnancy Barely Greater

Assoc. Dr. Köroğlu listed the conditions during which frozen embryo transfer is utilized as follows: “It’s utilized when pregnancy can’t be achieved with contemporary transfer, and when it’s desired to have a baby once more after it ends with miscarriage or supply. As well as, this technique is utilized in sufferers with polycystic ovary syndrome or in sufferers who’ve collected greater than 15 eggs to keep away from the danger of overstimulation syndrome. It’s also most well-liked if polyps are detected in the uterus throughout the IVF course of or if the uterine wall will not be thickened sufficient or there’s bleeding throughout the remedy course of. It’s also utilized after the embryo is frozen earlier than the analysis of most cancers and chemotherapy and radiotherapy are accomplished, the remedy is accomplished and restoration is achieved. In genetically recognized in vitro fertilization functions, embryos are frozen till the biopsy outcomes obtained from the embryos, and this technique can also be used for the transfer of genetically regular embryos.

The benefits of frozen embryo transfer in comparison with contemporary transfer, Assoc. Dr. Koroglu defined: “The expectant mom is ready for embryo transfer with out utilizing hormone injections and egg assortment. Since these transactions usually are not carried out, it’s extra handy in phrases of cash. On this course of, the stress of expectant moms can also be much less, as the quantity of drug use and visits to the hospital is much less. Barely increased pregnancy charges are achieved in frozen embryo transfer. In frozen embryo transfer, earlier than the embryo is thawed, the uterine wall have to be ready in order that the embryo can adhere.

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Assoc. Dr. Köroğlu identified that frozen embryo transfer may be completed in two methods, “First of all, it may be completed with hormone medicine. It’s particularly most well-liked by ladies with irregular menses. Estrogen remedy is began on the 2nd or third day of the menstrual cycle. After 10 to 14 days of drug use, the thickness of the uterine wall is evaluated by ultrasound. If the uterine wall is of adequate thickness, progesterone hormone is added and the embryo transfer day is adjusted in line with the day of the frozen embryo. For instance, for embryos frozen on day 5, embryo transfer is deliberate on the sixth day after progesterone is began. Since there isn’t any hormone manufacturing from the ovaries, these medicine must be continued till the tenth to twelfth week of pregnancy in case pregnancy happens. Secondly, it may be completed with a pure cycle. No drug is used to suppress ovulation in frozen embryo transfer with pure cycle. As an alternative, the embryo transfer day is set by the time of ovulation. For that reason, it may be utilized to ladies with common menstrual cycles. On the 2nd or third day of menstruation, the uterus wall and ovaries are checked with ultrasound. A second management is deliberate in line with the cycle size of the expectant mom. On this management, egg improvement and egg measurement are checked. Since it is very important decide the actual day of ovulation, ultrasound and blood exams are carried out at common intervals. Embryo transfer day is set in line with ovulation time. he mentioned.

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Assoc. Dr. Köroğlu continued his explanations as follows: “On the day of embryo transfer, frozen embryos are faraway from liquid nitrogen, thawed at room temperature and positioned in the system in particular tradition medium. Embryo transfer is completed below ultrasound management when the lady is urinating. By coming into the uterus with the assist of a catheter, the embryos are left in an acceptable space with out touching the uterus wall. Though there isn’t any data that the affected person’s relaxation after this process increases the pregnancy charge, he’s despatched dwelling after being adopted up in the clinic for a short while. Frozen embryo transfer functions are protected and really economical for the affected person.”

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