Fossils of largest land animal ever found

The researchers claimed that the fossilized dinosaur bones relationship again 98 million years found in Argentina could belong to the largest land animal that has ever lived.

Paleontologists excavating within the state of Neuquen found 24 vertebrae belonging to the tail and pelvis of this creature’s hip. Researchers learning bones fossils He acknowledged that it might belong to a Titanosaurus species.

They belong to the group of dinosaurs known as Sauropods, recognized for his or her unimaginable dimension, lengthy legs, necks and tails. Titanosaurs are believed to be the largest land animal to have ever lived.


The researchers stated the fossils in query weren’t in superb situation. It has not but been confirmed that the fossils belong to a brand new species, however it has been acknowledged that there are clear variations between them, not matching the stays of different recognized Sauropod dinosaurs.

Nevertheless, the 24 vertebrae are extremely interconnected. Subsequently, within the later levels of the excavation, the scientiststhinks that extra of the meat could also be found.


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